What are the Waiting and Survival Period in Health Insurance?

What are the Waiting and Survival Period in Health Insurance?

For those who are new to the idea, medical insurance may seem perplexing. Citizens are usually aware of insurance for cars but not that educated when it comes to medical insurance. One explanation this may be because vehicle insurance is mandatory and easy. Health insurance may not be mandatory, and it has layers that make it multifaceted, but that does not mean it should be frustrating.

Digital-first insurers simplify health insurance for you, and this article decodes two seemingly confusing terms: waiting period and survival period in health insurance.

Waiting period and recovery period are two words you need to be familiar with to appreciate better the nature and importance of a health insurance policy. Read on to get more detail about these words and understand their workings.

What is the Waiting Period?

A waiting period is a fixed amount of time that will pass before a claim against an insurance policy is made. Before taking advantage of the benefits, you must wait for the specified time to pass. For example, if you buy a policy on 1st July and it has a waiting period of 30 days, then you cannot raise a claim during those thirty days. You can raise a claim on 31st July.

The insurer determines the waiting time in the health insurance plans. To make a claim, the policyholder must wait until the expiry of the waiting period. Different situations can have different waiting periods. Most policies have a waiting period of 15 days, and other policies have a waiting period of 2 years.

From the viewpoint of an insurance provider, the waiting period is like a buffer zone.

Even for a specific cover, various insurance firms can have various waiting periods. It is where policy comparisons can be useful. Given other things being similar, you can choose a policy which offers a lower waiting period. It is because you are in a better position to claim because you do not have to wait long for the policy cover.

What is the Survival Period?

Just as the waiting period states that, before raising a claim, the insured must wait for a specified time, the survival period states that the insured must survive for specified days after contracting an illness. When the insured dies during the time of recovery, the insurance provider is most likely not to uphold the claim.

If you may have seen from the above clarification of the waiting period and the survival period, you must make an educated decision when buying the health insurance plans in India. You should not be confused by the jargon used by the policy so ensure to go over the plan’s terms and conditions before you buy it.

All the details you need is on health insurance websites. If you have questions, you can send an email or contact the health insurance provider online to find out more about any clauses. Spending some time thinking about the specifics of medical insurance is much better than buying an inappropriate policy and regretting the decision during the settlement of claims.

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