5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is The First Thing You Should Pack While Travelling Overseas

5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Is The First Thing You Should Pack While Travelling Overseas

International travel necessitates thorough preparation for business or pleasure to ensure a successful and safe journey. As a result, travel health insurance becomes an essential component of any trip. It not only doubles as a safety net against the possibility of incurring unanticipated medical expenses but also protects against other travel-related emergencies, such as the loss of checked-in luggage or passport, which could ruin your vacation.

Here are some essential reasons international travellers must purchase travel insurance:

Saves From Unforeseen Medical Expenses

Regardless of how meticulously we plan, several things that can go awry while travelling can make us feel particularly vulnerable while on foreign soil. Unbudgeted costs for a medical emergency could result in financial strain, transforming the entire holiday season into a nightmare. This is where travel insurance coverage can be of assistance. It provides cashless  coverage for medical emergencies.

In addition, because the cost of healthcare overseas is usually three to five times higher than in India, even consultation for a minor condition can be costly. A comprehensive travel insurance policy covers trivial outpatient expenses and pre-existing conditions in the event of a life-threatening emergency. In addition, some plans provide services such as medical evacuation or air ambulance and even enable treatment to be completed in the individual’s home country after their return.

A Companion In Uncharted Territory

An overseas travel insurance policy that provides around-the-clock customer service for overseas claims could be a valuable ally in overcoming language or geographical barriers. With a travel insurance policy, you can breathe easy knowing that a team is dedicated to supporting you in a medical or travel-related emergency.

It can ensure immediate assistance during a medical evacuation, hospitalisation, or re-issuance of lost travel documents. The procedure is hassle-free for the insured because customer service works directly with local medical providers and authorities.

Protection Against Personal Liability

Occasionally, an emergency could harm a third party’s person or property, for which the company would be responsible for the costs. To cover this, some travel insurance benefits include a ‘Personal Liability’ benefit, wherein the insurance company pays for third-party damages.

Travel-Related Incidents

Occasionally, we may experience non-medical emergencies, such as losing a passport, laptop, international driver’s license, checked-in luggage, or travel delays due to rough weather, which could cause you to miss out on a flight connection or unused hotel reservation. Plans for travel insurance provide financial assistance to cover a variety of such emergencies. Some companies even reimburse visa fees if an application is denied. Therefore, it is advised to have travel insurance coverage to handle such situations better.

Essential Requirement

Few countries require visitors to have travel insurance; you don’t want to arrive at the immigration counter and be told that you can’t enter a foreign country because you don’t have insurance. There are times when visa applications are denied due to the absence of travel insurance documentation; therefore, before travelling abroad, you should confirm whether the country of your destination has travel health insurance as a requirement for visitors.

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