Plywood Cabinets Vs Particle Board Cabinets

Plywood Cabinets Vs Particle Board Cabinets


Kitchens in Los Angeles are renowned for their maple, birch, and cherry doors. Below this covering, there is a wood that is used to make the back, sides, top, and bottom. Generally, Cabinet boxes are constructed using either plywood or particle boards. Plywood consists of different layers of wood veneer. On the other hand, Particle Board consists of different layers of wood fibers. Plywood is best suited for the construction of Cabinets. This is so because it is convenient to work with nails and screws. Its holding capacity and longevity is par excellence. It is lighter to handle when compared to a particleboard. The resistant capacity of the plywood induces the carpenters to use it in the manufacture of a cabinet. Particle Board ll offers distinguishing and interesting features.

The dimensional stability of a cabinet with particle boards has indeed been appreciated. It is often seen that sometimes the plywood gets expanded or contracted due to temperature fluctuations. However, that isn’t the case when we talk about particle boards. It remains intact for a longer period of time. The particle board is cheaply available since it is made up of wood shavings and leftovers. The moisture resistance capacity of the particle boards is not sufficient enough to make the cabinet last longer. On the contrary, plywood is more water-resistant, but gets damaged due to continuous wet conditions.

Things to consider before purchasing a Cabinet:

Some important characteristics one must try to analyze before buying a cabinet:

  1. Plywood Cabinets: It is very crucial to purchase cabinets with certified plywood materials. Some cabinets might look vibrant enough to please your eyes. However, their quality might not satisfy your long-term requirements.
  2. Frames of the Cabinets: A buyer must look to buy a long-lasting frame. Some agencies charge extra money for adding quality cabinet frames. Frameless Cabinetry is important for Kitchens where the floors and walls may be uneven.
  3. Cabinet Boxes: Brace construction plays a vital role in the manufacturing of a quality cabinet box. A proper brace is necessary to increase the stability of the cabinet. Integration with the cabinet sides is important to increase the longevity of the Cabinet. Cabinets can be painlessly moved and installed with an integrated brace.
  4. Easy to Clean: The cabinets must be designed in such a way so that no-one finds any problem while cleaning it. It is mandatory to keep the interior surfaces non-porous. Melamine is best suited for cabinet interiors. It is highly resistant to moisture, which makes the cabinet safe from bubbling and dents. Kitchens in Los Angeles are designed in such a way that no one finds any difficulty while cleaning the mess.


It is smart to look for Cabinets which are unique as well as durable. There are many firms that provide valuable information related to Kitchens in Los Angeles.  Proper planning is a must before purchasing a cabinet since it involves a lot of investment.



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