Tips for Snapping Up Concert Tickets

Tips for Snapping Up Concert Tickets

The most sought-after concert tickets usually sell out in a matter of hours. Always wanted to see your favorite artist in an intimate venue? Good luck being able to casually buy tickets. Planning in advance is a good idea if you want to get the most coveted spaces at a show. Here are a few simple tips for people wanting to snap up in-demand concert tickets.

Act Quickly

Common sense and vigilance might be your greatest assets when trying to purchase highly sought-after tickets. Making an account on a ticket sales website well in advance of a release will allow you to act quickly as soon as a batch is released. You don’t need to camp out next to your computer or keep watching your phone for updates. Most promoters will inform people of their release schedule in advance so you can set an alarm. Too much activity on a website will make it unusable, so getting in before other people is advised. 

Use a Ticket Bot

Anybody that has spent a long time bidding for things on eBay knows about bid snipers – sometimes known as sniper bots. These bots can be programmed to make a bid within seconds of an auction closing, making it much more likely that a user can win an auction. The same technology exists to help fans snap up tickets to concerts. Ticket purchase bots monitor websites and immediately purchase tickets as soon as they go on sale. These bots will not be effective forever – companies are investing in anti bot software to try and curb touts that purchase huge swathes of tickets using bots for resale. Be careful when downloading bot software. Some of the shadier software out there can come with malware included.

Use Trusted Sources

If tickets from official vendors run out before you can purchase them, never fear! There is a huge market for second-hand concert tickets online. The only problem with this market is the complete lack of regulatory guidelines adhered to by many sellers. There are countless examples of people being sold fake tickets or falling victim to price hiking from untrustworthy ticket touts. According to DJ mag, ticket touting is proving to be a real headache for musicians, promoters, and concertgoers alike. If you want to purchase concert tickets second-hand, make sure to use a trusted resale site like Don’t use eBay or Facebook Marketplace to hunt for spare tickets – you might not get what you paid for. 

Use Your Network

You might be closer to getting a ticket for a sold-out concert than you think. For larger concerts, guestlists can be very long indeed. Many guestlist spots are not taken at all. If you or a friend knows anybody in the music industry or music journalism field, it is highly likely they know a contact that can sort out tickets. You might owe them a pretty big favor in the future, but hey – it might be worth it. 


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