Eugene Bernshtam – An Insight into Car Restoration Projects and How to Do Them Correctly

Eugene Bernshtam – An Insight into Car Restoration Projects and How to Do Them Correctly

If you are planning to restore vintage or a classic car, there are specific things you need to know. Though the task seems to be quite challenging to most people, it is not that difficult to do the job if you consider some key factors like research, consulting an expert in the field, etc. These factors help you to do the job correctly, and you will not waste time and money in the process at all. 

Eugene Bernshtam is the Head of Avalon Holdings, LLC and its affiliated entities. He is also a real estate developer and auto- collector from Miami, Florida. As an immigrant from Eastern Europe, he completed his graduation from the Loyola Business School with a Bachelor’s degree in the field of finance. He received both series 63 and series 7 certification for selling investment securities in the USA. 

According to him, when it comes to car restoration projects, you should pay attention to the following factors- 

  1. Research- Research helps you be informed, educated, and aware not only about car restoration projects but of everything in life as well. If you intend to restore a car, you should be committed to learning about the different processes that are involved in the job. You can begin with reading up on salient aspects of the restoration project, right from bodywork to the car paint jobs that need to be done. You can also research upholstery and welding so that you can avoid common beginner mistakes and save a lot of time and money. 
  1. Reach out to the correct sources- Most people are aware of cars; however, reaching out to a senior restorer will largely help you when it comes to vintage or classic cars. In case you cannot find a senior restorer, you can contact professional mechanics who work with vintage cars to guide you. When you surround yourself with such people, you get a lot of tips and advice from them when it comes to your car restoration projects. 
  1. Invest in the right equipment- When you are planning the car restoration project, you need the right set of tools and equipment. They should serve your purpose. Always choose good-quality tools for your car restoration projects. Never use cheap ones as they will do more harm than good to your car. Moreover, they tend to break easily, and you again need to buy a new set. It is prudent to buy tools and equipment from reliable brands. Before purchasing them, make sure they are ideal for the car restoration project you are about to undertake. 

According to Eugene Bernshtam, one should consider the above factors when it comes to the restoration of classic cars. Take your time and never start any project in haste. With time and patience, you can effectively restore the car safely without wasting any money. Planning is important, and make sure you have the right team of car restoration guides and experts to guide you along the way to prevent hassles!


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