How to Treat Your Staff This Christmas

How to Treat Your Staff This Christmas

Running a business is no easy feat, but you certainly couldn’t achieve your goals without your employees. They work hard every day to make sure operations run smoothly and to keep your business trading, and for this, they deserve your respect and appreciation. While making sure that your employees are all treated fairly, are given room to grow within your company, and have great employee benefits are all important in showing how important they are to the company, when it comes to the festive season, you can do a little bit more to remind them of this. Below are some great ways to treat your staff this Christmas and to let them know how important they truly are.

Christmas Party

The office Christmas party is a holiday season staple, and it’s a great way for your staff to let their hair down a little bit and have some fun. If you are planning to hold a Christmas party this year, choose a venue that is easy for everyone to get to and consider catering options. A buffet or appetizers might be the best way to go, as people can help themselves to a selection of tasty treats with ease. Allowing everyone to have at least one free drink is also something you should consider, and you can implement a token policy with the bar to make sure you don’t go over budget.

Chocolate Boxes

Another way you can show your appreciation for your staff this festive season is by giving each of them a selection of fine chocolates to enjoy at home. can create corporate chocolate gift boxes with your company’s branding, which makes an excellent touch and lets your staff know that these sweet treats come from you. These could also be a good idea to send to your clients as a gift at Christmas to help maintain a positive professional relationship.

Cash Bonuses

While smaller businesses might not be able to offer cash bonuses, if you can afford to do this, these will certainly be well received. Everyone could use some extra money at this time of year, and if your teams have been excelling and hitting their targets, giving them a bonus is the perfect way to thank them for their hard work. You could even use a cash bonus as an incentive for your teams in the run-up to the Christmas break if you want to achieve certain sales goals or complete other projects before the holidays.

Gift Cards

Gifts cards can also be useful to people at this time of year, either to help go towards buying presents for others or to treat themselves to something special. If you want to thank your staff for their dedication to your company, giving out gift cards to your teams for popular retailers is another option that will be well-received. 

It’s important to let your teams know that their efforts are noticed and appreciated. While you should try to do this more than once a year, Christmas time is a perfect opportunity to treat your staff.


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