How to organize a wedding theme?

How to organize a wedding theme?

A wedding theme is completely related to having a proper Wedding stage decoration that is organised within the rule book of a wedding theme. Even Caterers work in association with the wedding theme and colour code as well.

1.   Selecting the colour code

One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding step by step  is gathering inspiration to choose what you really want. You can have a good idea by seeing pinterest, instagram, wedding websites to start considering the colour schemes. Now it is also the best time to talk to your wedding planner along with your Caterers and decorators of what you are really looking for by giving them the exact visual picture of your wedding Stage decoration. Always select the colour code that will influence the venue.

2.   Making a theme

Weather its specific wedding stage decoration, colours, style inspiration or an actual theme. Sometimes it’s helpful to choose a concept to design your wedding. Theme based weddings are very much in trend these days. Once you have the appreciation of beauty in your mind, it’s easier to make design decisions by your own choice. You can always tell your wedding decorators and Caterers about the theme of your wedding and they will know what you are really looking for and will do their best to satisfy you.

3.   Customising the menu by the Caterers

Food is the most important element in any weddings. It should be delicate, mouth tickling so that the guests are happy and satisfied having it. Choose a wedding caterer that is flexible and knows what dishes they should include or the one that needs to be excluded. Even you can customise the menu by your own choice. You can also talk to your wedding planner and the caterers to diversify your food menu as they exactly know what diet they should include so that you and your guests have the best experience ever.

4.   Work on the wedding Stage decoration

Indian wedding stage decorations have evolved a lot over these few years. You too would want to take your wedding stage decoration a notch higher. Hire a wedding decorator and tell him or her the exact way you want your stage to be decorated. You can always put your own vision and the constant newness brimming up and creative minds of wedding decorators would surely bring out unique and fresh trends that will surely impress the guests. You can also get ideas from your wedding planner too to get a more royal look on your wedding stage decoration.

5.   Punctual about the execution

Your wedding is obviously a once in a lifetime thing and you would be surely wanting your dream day to be successful, enjoyable and satisfactory to you and also your guests as well. So start planning your wedding the moment you book your venue. Do not waste your time if you want to get the best services. Be punctual and book your caterers, Wedding stage decoration, planners etc way early so that you have ample of time to plan ahead about your wedding along with your planner.

It will also give you all the time in the world to make any customisation if needed. Your punctuality will surely help you to make your D-day be as successful as possible.

A wedding stage decoration is undoubtedly a very integral part that is entirely ruled by the decided Wedding theme. The decorators and Caterers work side by side, to bring out the best from your wedding theme.


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