Top 5 Remote Working Jobs that offer satisfying wages

Top 5 Remote Working Jobs that offer satisfying wages

The world that we know has changed with Coronavirus affecting our lives. Employers are looking for ways & means to start their business once again after adhering to the government sponsored lockdown. Work From Home (WFH) concept is being supported by the business community. You can expect to get a job that you will allow you to work from the comfort of your home. There are legit Remote Working Jobs that will fit your specific skills and help you to support your family. You need to undertake thorough research to find WFH jobs and select one that best fits your skills & expertise.

5 types of online jobs with fabulous wages

  • Customer Service Assistant (CSA): Many companies, small and big are now hiring people with good communication skills to manage their existing & potential customers. Remote customer assistance is not something new and companies have been providing support without facing geographical limitations. They offer their employees with frequent training & handholding program through live and video tutorials. The job is executed precisely & proficiently by using screen sharing. Duties tend to vary depending upon the company’s specific requirements and customer needs. Retail & sales companies require their executives to provide assistance with orders like processing/cancellation, refunds and inbound/outbound calls. Also, you will be required to resolve issues faced by customers, but in low tempered, friendly manner. In the U.S., salaries for this position are around $13.20/hour. But in developing countries, salaries may be relatively lower.
  • Administrative Assistant: Responsibility in this WFH profession involves providing different types of administrative assistance. It includes answering calls, bookkeeping, data entry, research & appointment setting, managing files & documents, sending/receiving emails and proof reading/editing. The job also requires you to take down notes and memos from business minutes. Average salary offered is around $29,000 to $33,020.
  • Online tutorial jobs: Online English teachers are favored upon by countries like Korea and Japan. However, there are also other countries across the globe that does require online teachers for various subjects. Annual average salary is around $15,000 to $68,510, which again depends upon their competency & experience.
  • Transcribing: You need to listen to recorded audio and convert the same to electronic text documents. To apply for this WFH job, you need to have fast typing & good listening skills. Average typing speed expected from the candidate is 70 WPM. The rates offered for transcriptionists are based upon the number of minutes of audio transcribed. Transcription for 15 minutes of audio generally takes about an hour or so. The average wage offered to a medical transcriptionist is around $15.19.
  • Online marketing specialist: The role of an online marketer is to spread awareness and promote the company’s services or products online. Your responsibility is to improve online traffic to your company’s website and ensure consistent sales. You need to be innovative with your online marketing strategies, have proficiency in advanced computer programs. You also are expected to have excellent written & verbal communication. Annual average salary offered is around $48,954.

The above are the top Remote Working Jobs that you can apply for.


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