How To Buy Your First Car

How To Buy Your First Car

If you’ve just passed your driving test, there’s nothing more exciting than shopping for your first car. Perhaps you’ve got a dream car in mind or just need something to get you from A to B. Whatever your circumstance, we’re sharing everything you need to know before making your purchase.

Assess your needs

While you might love the idea of a two-seated sports car, that might not be realistic for your family of four. Similarly, if you have a long commute to college or work, you need to think more sensibly about fuel consumption and which models do best.

Before starting your search, it’s best to think about what you need your vehicle for. If you have a dog who loves to head to the beach, you’ll need a ride with plenty of room in the back. If you know your parking space will only be small, it might be best to consider a more compact option.

Think about budget

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who have relatives to buy them a car, you’ll likely need to work with the money you’ve got saved. And the car isn’t the only cost you’ll need to consider: Insurance, MOTs, servicing, and road tax will all need to be factored into how much money you’ve actually got to spend.

If you have a regular income, you might be able to get a more expensive car through financing. Auto Finance Online can give you a quote for financing in minutes. All you have to do then is get car shopping, and they’ll take care of the paperwork.

Check your credit

On the topic of finance, in order to be accepted, you’ll need to have good credit. Good credit can come from having a monthly phone contract, paying for a few items on a credit card, or even paying rent.

Look out for second-hand bargains

Most people don’t get a brand-new car for their first vehicle, and secondhand doesn’t mean a 60-year-old banger that only has two gears. More often, second-hand cars are just up for sale as the previous owner upgraded or no longer needed it.

If you are shopping second-hand, it’s worth going to a reputable dealer so that you know everything is in good check. For private sellers, check out online forums about the make and model of your car to find out if there are any common faults that you can look out for when you go view the vehicle.

Request a test drive

It’s in the seller’s best interest to take you on a test drive. Not every car drives the same, and your instructor’s car will likely have been newer and easier to drive than other vehicles within your budget. Make sure to test the car to see how it feels to drive before signing any contract.

Once you’ve found the perfect car, make sure to check all the paperwork. Then, you’re free to take your friends to the drive-thru or experience going through a car wash. Oh, the fun you’ll have!


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