How To Boost The Value Of Your Car

How To Boost The Value Of Your Car

Thanks to the pandemic, many families have had the chance to save up some extra money and are looking to change their car for a better model.

This is great news for buyers because there is such a wide variety of cars to choose from.

Do You Need to Change Your Car?

The average American family buys a new car for $20,000-$60,000.

Most people can buy their dream car for about the same price it would cost them to rent a car for a week, and this money is better spent on an upgrade.

Maximizing your car’s value when it comes to reselling it is simple. Here are a few tips:

Sell It With Personalised Plates

In most states, you can sell your car with personalized plates, and this adds about 20-30% more value to the car.

If you ask your mechanic to plate your car, then there is no need for the buyer to take it to a dealership and pay to have a new set of plates put on it. When you sell your car, the buyer will be attracted to the car because of the personalized plates and will believe that the car is worth more money, because of the personalised reg plates.

Repair Any Minor Scratches or Dents

Leaking oil or windshields that need replacing can be an eyesore and will decrease the car’s value.

Even something as small as a scratch on the hood or cracked window can put off buyers from purchasing your car. If you have any dents or scratches, get them fixed before listing your car for sale. This will help you to sell your car for more money.

Have It Serviced by a Qualified Professional

It is important that you have a qualified professional look over your car while it is in storage.

If your car has been unused for some time, or if you think it may be running a bit slower than normal, make an appointment with a mechanic to check it out. Getting your car serviced will help to boost its resale value and will also help to keep you and everyone around you safe on the road.

Have It Professionally Cleaned

No matter how much you try, there always seems to be a few cobwebs in the backseat and some crumbs under the passenger seat.

This is a big turnoff for buyers. Your car will look so much better if it is clean and shiny. Make sure you have it professionally cleaned before you plan on selling your car.

Driving a clean car is also safer. The last thing others want is to hit your clean car and leave scratches or dents that will decrease its resale value.

Remove Extra Parts and Accessories

When you sell your car, the buyer will want to be able to take it for a test drive.

Take away any additional parts or accessories that are attached to your car’s body, this will give them enough room so they can check all functions as they see fit.

They are more likely to go through with the sale if they feel comfortable during a test drive without any interference from your fluffy dice hanging from the rearview mirror!


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