Menstruation Color – What Does It Indicate?

Menstruation Color – What Does It Indicate?

How do girls analyze the menstrual cycle is perfectly fine? In most cases, girls consider numerous factors such as number of days between the last and current periods, discharge rate and frequency. On the other hand, they also focus on physical activities and type of diet they are taking during the periods. The Couponegypt.comsuggest considering all major as well as minor factors while analyzing the periods. Purchase the sanitary napkins, tampons and liners with Mothercare promo code to hold these days in an easy way. We have some valuable information on the discharge color and composition. Girls should notice the color of blood discharging during these days.

Significant Changes in Color:

Yes, your heard it right. Women may have significant variation in this matter. They may experience different colors and textures of menstrual blood.  Remember, these changes are indications and these say a lot about the period or menstruation cycle. Here is the detail of blood color with its meaning.

Bright Red:

This is an indication of normal and healthy period. For most girls, periods start with bright red. However, some may experience dark red color. This is normal and there is nothing to be worried about it. Bright red color also shows that your menstruation cycle is working fine and it is discharging the blood frequently. Women who change the sanitary pad after 24 hours without checking it frequently may observe blackish red color. This is due to old bloodstains. Buy affordable sanitary pads with Mothercare promo code and change frequently to learn more about the menstruation cycle.

Reddish Brown Blood:

Out all other shades, this shows old blood discharge. It happens when the body releases the blood slowly. The blood will have to wait longer than usual to discharge. It may change the color. This condition may happen during or after pregnancy. Women after the childbirth usually experience reddish brown discharge in first few days.

Pink Blood:

No doubt, it is rare but it is important to notice pink discharge. Generally, it happens to girls who experience spotting. The blood will show pinkish appearance in early or late menstrual cycle. Women using some pregnancy inhibiting hormones may also experience this type of discharge.

Orange Blood:

You may not believe but orange blood is a reality. Don’t worry because it is not a sign of any infection or trouble. It is normal until there is pungent smell. A pungent scent in the blood is a sign of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease). Visit your doctor as soon as possible if you observe this symptom frequently.

Grey Blood:

White or grey discharge is a clear sign of infection in vagina. It also shows the imbalance in the vaginal bacteria. There are harmful as well as beneficial bacteria in the vagina. This balance disturbs when you have troubles with the hormones. Redeem Mothercare promo code if you require quality sanitary pads in these days. Shop from the Mothercare store and enjoy the great savings to keep your menstruation cycle easy.


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