4 Smart Garden Updates to Consider This Summer

4 Smart Garden Updates to Consider This Summer

As the weather gets warmer, spending more time outside is always a welcome change after the dreary winter months. If you have a garden attached to your property, this is also the opportune time to make some changes to create an ideal outside space where you can enjoy the sunny weather in private. No matter the size of your garden, here are a few smart updates you might want to consider this summer season.

1.   Better Fencing

Your garden fence not only helps to keep your space private, but it can also help to make it look better overall. If your fence has seen better days, this might be the year to replace it before the colder months return. There are various styles of fence you can get made in different materials, but for one that is durable and looks good, you might want to consider composite fencing. It’s also a very eco-friendly type of material, so you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the planet by having one installed. For more information on composite fencing and other options, visit eComposite Products.

2.   New Paving or Decking

Another good way to spruce up your garden is by redoing your patio or decking. If the latter is showing signs of rot, this will be something you need to do sooner rather than later to make sure it’s still safe for you to use. If you do have a patio and the slabs are dull, or you’ve never been overly keen on the stone chosen for it, this summer is the perfect opportunity to give it a makeover. You could even create interesting patterns with the paving slabs for a more unique effect.

3.   Better Storage Solutions

You will need at least some tools for maintenance work such as weeding, pruning, raking, etc. However, for smaller gardens, you can purchase a small shed that won’t take up too much space, or you could even make use of benches that have been designed with hidden storage underneath. Alternatively, you could utilize your garden wall space by mounting hooks, trellises, or shelves on them. You can discover more clever garden storage solutions here.

4.   Sheltered Seating Area

As lovely as it is to bask in the sunshine, it’s a good idea to have some shaded areas in your garden for when the heat might get a bit too much. By creating a sheltered seating area in your garden, not only can you get some respite from the summer sun, but it also comes in handy for when you still want to enjoy your garden, even when it’s raining. You can put up a pergola which is excellent for growing vines up and along the top, or you could look at having a summer house added to your garden for even more comfort.

If you’re trying to figure out how to improve your garden this summer, consider the suggestions above and how they can transform your outdoor space into something better.


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