Complete Guide For Using The Laminator For Your Documents

Complete Guide For Using The Laminator For Your Documents

A laminator may be defined as a machine that is able to combine two pieces of plastic with each other in tight manner with a paper in between them. Important documents and other things can be preserved for prolonged periods with the use of a laminator. Protection of bulletin boards and posters etc is the unique benefit of matrix 370 laminator that is a great boon for all. Mostly kept in permanent locations; these machines could be small or big.

Stepwise laminating guide – First of all load the film into the laminator. Some laminators may need two separate film rolls. The manufacturer’s guidelines may be followed as regards the loading of the film. It is recommended to heat the laminator in advance before going ahead with the laminating process. Switch on the machine to get it warmed up sufficiently. Adhere to the specific heating time since highlighted in the manufacturer’s manual. Check the light that would tell you when the machine is turned on. The other light would inform when the laminator is ready for laminating the document or the item.

The next step is to prepare the paper that you wish to laminate with the help of this machine. Give proper cut to the paper or the item that is to be laminated. Be wise to do it carefully. Place the paper on the laminator shelf and push it right up to the film rolls. Check the machine that has grabbed held the paper or the item perfectly. Next, flip the feed switch and the paper would start going into the machine as it would pull it inside. It is suggested to wait till the time the paper under lamination has entered the machine thoroughly. It should be allowed to continue for the film to run at the specific place where it can be cut. Make use of the stop button to discontinue the feed. It is suggested not to stop the lamination process between the laminating process. Make use of scissors to cut the laminating film behind the paper or item that is under lamination. Few machines are equipped with a perforated edge to tear and laminate the film.

Last but one is the step to trim the laminating film away from the paper or item. Leave approx 1/8” film border around the edges. Now the paper or item to be laminated by using the matrix 370 laminator is ready. This is the time to switch off the machine as the task comes to an end.


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