The ABCDs of effective creative

The ABCDs of effective creative

Consumer behavior keeps changing. With people spending so much of their time online, video content is getting viewed from anywhere at any point in time.   

If you wish to keep pace, you must rethink your creative strategy following users’ behavior.  

Are you wondering where to start?  

A simple answer would be ABCD i.e.., Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct.   

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Now let us get back to creating an effective video for YouTube.    

The ABCD technique- Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct  

The ABCD technique has a massive impact on the creative’s effectiveness.   

Let us explore this more.  

A – Attract  

You must draw consumers’ attention and make them stay tuned with your message.   

Now, how to draw their attention?   

Four vital factors are essential to incorporate in an advertisement’s opening moments to draw your audience’s attention right from the beginning.   

Here’s how you can do it.  

  • You need to use tight framing on the subject, be it a product or person. When you clearly show the product or person, it makes it easier for the human brain to process the information and engage with the content.  
  • Include more than two shots in the initial five seconds. This will act as an important factor for Ad recall.  
  • If you are using people in your video, you can start your video with them. And if it suits your storyline, you can make them address your audience directly.  
  • Use remarkable visual imagery to hook your consumers.     

B – Brand  

It is recommended to present your brand with logos, text, and audio cues.   

  • Introduce your service, product, or brand name within the initial few seconds.  
  • If you are using people in your creative, it is good to have them mention your brand.  
  • Feature your logo in the story or on the product, this helps in ad recall.  
  • Ensure that you are using unique colors and visuals.    

C- Connect  

You need to use all those elements that keep your viewers watching your video ad. So how do we do that?  

  • Make use of functional messages to convey feelings evoked by a brand.  
  • You can deploy humor to improve your ad’s receptivity.  
  • Associate people to your storyline. It could be a public figure or even a normal person from the public.  

D – Direct  

Visuals and audios are crucial elements to intrigue your consumers to take action.  

  • You could prompt your viewers by displaying the call to action and offers via text cards, voice-over, or through a simple animation.  
  • Create urgency by using a limited timeframe.    

Final thoughts  

As you saw the importance of ABCD, the next time you wish to build an effective ad for YouTube, ABCD is the go-to strategy.  

Make sure your creative is fast paced, opens with a mascot, introduces your service or product within the first few seconds, uses unique yet remarkable visual elements, and a prominent CTA.  


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