Randal Benjamin Endurance Training Benefits of Basketball

Randal Benjamin Endurance Training Benefits of Basketball

Youngsters who aspire to become proficient in playing basketball at professional level need to have certain qualities. They need to have strength, be quick on their feet and agile to outperform their opponents. Experts say the amateurs go through numerous conditioning drills during practices sessions. This helps them to attain the level of athleticism necessary for this sport. However, this is not enough. Prominent international coaches admit they need to go the extra mile to enhance their stamina and fitness. These attributes can make the difference between winning or losing the matches they play. This is where endurance workouts come into the picture.

Randal Benjamin The necessity of endurance training for basketball players?

Randal Benjamin is a resident of Las Vegas who loves watching and playing basketball. He enjoys sharing his passion for the game with other like-minded individuals. Even he goes out of his way teach young children how to dribble the ball. He shows them how to take shots at the net. This popular athlete encourages them to play the sport instead of sitting in front of television sets. He is an ardent fan of Los Angeles Lakers and watches al their NBA games. However, he does have a soft spot for the Oakland Raiders.

He says endurance training is a necessity for youngsters who want to excel in playing basketball.  Only then can they expect to stand out in this popular sport. This type of workout helps them to overcome fatigue. They are in a position to play throughout the duration of a game without getting tired. Moreover, they can do so without having to compromise on their performance and skills. This is an important fact which they cannot afford to ignore. This just needs to look at their favorite players during any National Basketball Association (NBA) tournament. This can give them the inspiration they need.

Types of endurance workout amateur basketball players go through

Coaches generally introduce different types of endurance exercises to youngsters learning the sport. Over time, they gradually increase the intensity of such workouts. Normally these trainers divide such exercises into two common drills. They refer to them as ‘team’ and ‘jump rope.’ In the team category, they divide the participants into two distinct groups. They play a one-to-one match with each other. If a player scores a point, his/her opponent does ten pushups. On, the other hand, if his/her rival saves the shot, then he/she performs ten crunches. Finally, the group with the lowest points have to sprint from one baseline of the basketball court to another. This exercise helps to increase the stamina of these young people.

In the jump rope drill, the participants need to skip for a specific duration. They commence on the blow of their coach’s whistle. They continue until their trainer tells them to stop. After this, they do ten pushups. Once, they complete this exercise, the resume skipping. However, the intensity of the second set increases. This endurance exercise aims at improving the player’s eye-hand coordination, speed, and agility. It also enhances their strength. Outside the basketball court, the coaches encourage the youngsters to run for long distances.

Randal Benjamin says endurance training goes a long way in improving the performance of amateur basketball players. However, most trainers make sure the youngsters go through a warm-up session before doing such exercises. This helps to loosen up their muscles and improve the flow of blood throughout their bodies. In the process, they are less vulnerable to injuries.


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