Why Should You Become a Registered Nurse?

Why Should You Become a Registered Nurse?

Have you been contemplating which career path is right for you? Perhaps you are a high schooler trying to map out their future, wondering which route appeals to them the most. Or perhaps you are someone looking for a change in career and have always recognised the incredible work nurses do and wish to join the team. Whatever your reasoning, becoming a registered nurse can be a wonderful and rewarding career opportunity for those who love to care for others and work as a team. However, the road to becoming a nurse can be long as it requires many years’ education and numerous tests that you have to study for, undergo, and pass. If you are looking to start a career within the health industry, it can be within your best interests to look at universities as soon as possible and study for a high GPA, as this can greatly improve your chances.

There are numerous benefits to working in healthcare, and we’re going to explore these benefits so that you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the right career choice for you. Read on for information on why you should become a registered nurse.

You are a Valued Member of Society

As a nurse, you are a valued and respected member of society. This is because people know that you care about others and (sometimes) risk your life to care for others. Your job is to ensure the wellbeing of the public, and people respect this field and will, therefore, respect you.

Your value stems from your knowledge on how to treat various ailments but also allows you to teach others and also help counter various challenges that threaten the human population. Take COVID-19, for example. The coronavirus caused the world to stand still, stopping people from going about their lives. Millions of people succumbed to the virus and had to be treated. It is with thanks to the healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors who have managed to help us remain well during these uncertain and trying times.

Healthcare is Always in Demand

One benefit of working within healthcare is that jobs within the healthcare industry are always in demand. Nurses, doctors, and surgeons are always needed as the population continues to grow and there are more people to tend to and keep well and healthy. While job security should not be your driving factor to become a nurse and enter the field of healthcare, it can be a great incentive. Plus, you could also become a trained nurse in a variety of countries and look after the population worldwide.

Allows You to Care for Others

If you are considering a career in healthcare, especially a career within the nursing profession, you most likely have an empathetic and caring personality that means you like to and want to care for those who are unwell and may need a helping hand. Your main role as a nurse will be assisting doctors and surgeons as they diagnose patients. However, you will also administer exams and prescriptions while also checking in with patients and ensuring that they are feeling okay when examining their vital signs.

Suits Empaths

As previously mentioned, the role of a nurse suits empaths. This is because empaths are prone to recognising the feelings and emotions of others so that they can better understand how a person is truly feeling. Basically, a person who shows empathetic traits is someone who can understand what another person is feeling by simply being around them and reading their mannerisms.

This can prove useful as a nurse, as reading a patient’s body language can be part of the job. Sometimes you will encounter patients who do not tell you the whole truth and being able to read their body language and their tone can be useful so that you can tell whether they are secretly in pain or distrusting of you and other healthcare workers. You can then find a way to counter this barrier so that they feel safe and can trust you.

You Get to Know Your Patients

Working with patients is part and parcel of being a nurse. You will have recurring patients as well as new ones who you may never see again once they have been discharged. Therefore, if you are someone who loves social interaction and caring for people and potentially building relationships with those who are reoccurring, then this could be a great role for you.

You may find that you are naturally good at socialising, or it may be that you need to brush up on your communication skills so that you can make the most out of your conversation with patients. Here are tips on how you can improve your communication skills.

You Can Specialise

One great thing about a career in healthcare is that there are many specialisms available to you. Therefore, if you are a registered nurse, you can always specialise in a field that interests you the most. This can be greatly beneficial to you because not only do you become an expert in a certain subject, but you can also secure a better pay packet. Even though money is not your motivating factor when becoming a nurse, it can be a nice bonus to the role. If you are already a registered nurse, click here for info on how further education can help specialise your career.

Is a Respected Profession

You will be a well-respected member of the community, which can be incredibly beneficial. After all, you are spending your time caring for those who need help. This is a selfless career path that deserves all the respect it can get.

As a nurse, you will lead an exciting career – one that is full of opportunity and excitement. While there is stress associated with the role of being a nurse, it is one that is rewarding. Make sure you read up on how you can enrol in medical school and get the most out of your career.


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