How to choose the right bathroom lighting and furniture

How to choose the right bathroom lighting and furniture

Bathroom lighting

Choosing your bathroom lighting is an art, but actually you can do it yourself all you need to do is to know how to distribute the lights in an effective way and choose the right asset for the right place, we will help you to do it yourself (DIY) without decoration engineers through the following tips.

Side mounted sconces or spotlights

You can use these spotlights in the corners, beside mirrors or even hidden to give you shades of lights all over the place and of course take in consideration light placed on or beside the mirror to be close to your face.

Light distribution

Try to distribute the light evenly across your bathroom and the best way to do it is by using different assets for example you can use ceiling light and chandeliers, pendants or flush mounts, And you distribute these assets with different layers like the ceiling layer, the mirror layer which will help her for her makeup and help him in shaving and the last layer is to highlight the bathroom architecture design and decoration.

The right lighting asset

You are not always restricted to use certain assets. All you need to do is to consider the right asset in the right place, for example you can use pendants instead of scones.

Maintain the same style

Based on your bathroom style choose the lighting assets, if it’s classic then stick to classic if it’s modern then stick to modern, you have to always maintain unity of your bathroom style.

Don’t forget about the size

Based on your bathroom size choose the size of the lighting fixtures, depending on the style of your bathroom choose a luxurious lighting asset but don’t forget about the size, if your bathroom is small and the asset you chose is palatial and big then it is not the right choice.

Now you’ve known what assets to use and how to distribute the lighting in layers to highlight the beauty of your bathroom, you can apply these hacks and tips to your bathroom and enjoy the artistic view.

Bathroom furniture

Choosing your bathroom furniture is not a big deal, because you can find different types of fixtures and designs that are stylish and beautiful, but before choosing any bathroom assets you have to ask yourself few questions that will help you in choosing, questions like:

What is my budget?

First of all you have to calculate your bathroom budget then based on that you can decide what items you would like to include and the expenses.

The style and bathroom theme?

Don’t depend on style only and don’t depend on practicality only you have to balance between them, so you have to think about the look and feel of your bathroom. Is it luxurious, modern, simple or bright. You have to go further to think about the colours, materials and finishes, our advice to you to do your research then start filtering and narrow down your options.

How am I going to use the space?

Consider all the items that will include in your bathroom starting from large items like bathtub, toilet and wash basin to smaller items like faucets and bathroom accessories everything you will include in your bathroom to create a unique atmosphere. Also, you can refer back to our previous points to mix and match what fit and don’t fit your bathroom space.

Practical or stylish?

You have to think about your daily routine and the items inside your bathroom will it be vanity, luxurious, stylish or practical, for example if you own a big family and have kids then you are looking for practicality, durability and easy cleaning priorities, if its only you and your partner then you may have something more stylish and modern.

What material do I need?

You have to choose the material that will withstand and be durable to live longer and at the same time it looks stylish and attractive to be capable of handling everyday use.

Now after answering these questions you can choose from the bathroom furniture what suits you based on the design, decoration and your needs.


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