Our bodies are made up of 75% of water and it is crucial for us to stay hydrated. It is most important that the water which we drink and use for other purposes is clean water and free of germs and chemicals. To cope up with the drinking water problem and to provide cleaner water companies have created water machines. These machines purify the water and make it drinkable.

A water machine knows as a water dispenser is a machine which heats up or cools down and dispenses water. These machines come with a variety of forms and factors.

Water machine or water dispenser machines have become a part of our daily life. Especially when we own a business or run a company. Although many people tend to be using it for their household purpose as well.

What is ‘Alkaline’

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen; this is the reason why it is called th H20. Waters pH level controls it’s acidity level and it ranges from 0 to 14. It is higher than 7, its ‘Alkaline’.

Alkaline water machine

These days various health experts claim about alkaline water. As it is said that it might help to slow bone loss or even slow down the aging process.

The alkaline water regulates the body’s pH level. It has a higher level of pH balance than regular drinking water. It typically has a pH of 8 0r 9 when on the other hand normal drinking water has a general pH of 7.

Regular drinking water is best for most of the people. However there are a few studies that show alkaline water machine can be helpful for people with certain conditions. As an example a recent study suggested that drinking water that dispenses from alkaline water machine may add benefits to people with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Alkaline water machine supporters claim that it’s increased hydrogen provides better hydration than regular water. They have blamed regular waters low ph level for all health related problems from osteoporosis to heart diseases to cancer.

Let’s see what alkaline machine water is claimed to be beneficial for..

1. It reduces acid in the bloodstream

2. It improve metabolism

3. It increases energy

4. Slows down the aging process

5. Aids in digestion

6. Reduces bone loss

Does it really work??

Our body on its own is able to keep it’s pH level at an even keel. The kidneys have an built in filteration system that balances the acid levels of our body. If the blood gets too acidic the body is designed to bring it down by breathing out more carbon dioxide.

Additionally too much of alkalinity may also irritate the body’s natural pH level. It can cause a condition that may even produce symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and hand tremors.

At the end although the alkaline water machine is considered safe. For some people it may produce negative side effects.


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