Camping: The Most Fun and Affordable Holiday

Camping: The Most Fun and Affordable Holiday

It’s always nice to fly your family to Spain for the school holidays, but there’s very few of us who can actually afford it! The biggest issue that Australian families face over the holiday period is being able to afford to go on holidays!

Now, most of you are probably thinking of a holiday house on the beach or even a motel in the hinterland, but have you considered a camping holiday before? There’s no question that conventional holidays are expensive, especially when accounting for Christmas presents, parties, and much needed alcohol. But the most affordable family holiday available to every Australian family is a camping trip. Plus, you don’t need to sacrifice the beach or fishing either.

Today we’ll be exploring the affordability of a camping holiday and whythey’re the most beneficial option for many families. With the summer holidays almost upon us, now is ideal time to start planning your week away at some of the most beautiful locations in the country.


Accommodation is usually the biggest expense for a family holiday with most families spending at least one hundred dollars each night (and that’s a cheap motel room!). Australia is a vast country with countless National Parks and private camping grounds spread across some of the most picturesque locations in the world.

Most National Parks and private campgrounds will cost you between $5 and $35 each night for the family, depending on the type of services and facilities available. You’ll find heaps of campsites on the beach and next to rivers and lakes. Powered campsites are generally more expensive but you have the luxury of charging your phone, laptops, camera, and you have proper bathroom facilities with a hot shower! Keep in mind that campsites get very busy over the holidays so its strongly recommended to book well in advance.


As there’s very few (if any) restaurants located near campgrounds, the cost of food is typically the same as what you’d spend at home. You normally have two options when cooking meals at campgrounds: gas burner or campfire, and both are relatively cheap and affordable! Camp meals are generally simple yet effective, so think hamburgers, spaghetti bolognaise, curries, fish, sandwiches, bacon and eggs, stews, and casseroles. If you’re camping near the water, you can always try catching your dinner which is heaps of fun for the kids (and Dad too)!


There’s often heaps of free activities around campgrounds that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you want to fish at the lake or river, tackle some hiking trails in the National Park, go mountain bike riding through the rainforest, or just enjoy some soccer, football, frisbee, or board games around the campsite, there’s never a dull moment when camping. Camping is an adventure in itself, and there’s no need to pay for entertainment when you and the kids will have plenty of interesting stories to tell your friends when you get home.

Getting started

Granted, you will need camping gear and equipment if you wish to go on a camping holiday! The good news is that buying quality gear with last years of regular camping trips. Generally, a six-person tent will comfortably fit a family of four, plus sleeping bags (3-seasons are recommended), sleeping mats or air mattresses, a couple of tarps for shelter and tent protection, plus an esky, gas stove, and cooking equipment which you’ll have at home. In total, you’ll be looking at less than $600 to get you started. If that seems a bit expensive for a one-off cost, you can always consider renting camping gear and equipment from plenty of online retailers.

Improving your general health

Not only is camping with the family a fun and affordable holiday option, it also has a range of physical and emotional benefits as well. Exercise, natural light, healthy food, and fresh air improves mental health, quality of sleep, and energy levels.While camping doesn’t have to be on the menu every holiday, it’s a fun and affordable option that every Australian is lucky to have.

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