Best Custom Seat Covers for Utmost Comfort and Style

Best Custom Seat Covers for Utmost Comfort and Style

Saddleman car and truck seat covers are available in various fabrics and colour patterns. However, they share several similarities in their functionality. Being custom made, they are tailored as per your vehicle and seat specifications. Why choose a certain fabric for your custom car and truck seat covers? Perhaps you lack the idea as to which seat cover fabric is ideal for you? Well, this article will help you choose from the many fabric options, and compare them.

Choosing Fabric for Your Car and Truck Seat Covers

Selecting the right car and truck seat cover fabric is not merely about visual aesthetics. There are many factors to consider among them being external influences like weather and climate. In addition, one’s lifestyle also plays an integral in choosing the ideal fabric to custom make your car seat covers.

·         Neoprene Seat Covers – Neoprene fabric is resistant to high pressure, temperature fluctuation and moisture. These are the primary reasons why it’s employed in the manufacture of wetsuits. Neoprene seat covers confer maximum protection to your interior upholstery. Being waterproof, they protect against spills and water damage, as well as dirt and debris. Moreover, they are tough against UV sun radiation. Neoprene seat covers are suitable for off-road enthusiasts, unafraid to get a tad messy. and the sun’s UV rays.

·         MegaTex HD3 Seat Covers – A rugged, durable and indestructible seat cover thanks to its exclusive Anti-Tear technology. The MegaTek HD3 seat cover is waterproof and has UV Protection, making it the best mix for truck owners.

·         Leather and Leatherette Seat Covers – An astute option for those living in cold climatic areas as it can prove quite the challenge during the hot seasons. These fabrics speak luxury and an urban high-class lifestyle. Leather doesn’t absorb moisture, it holds it on its surface, thus the true definition of waterproof. These fabric types are easy to clean and keep your car seats well protected.

·         Canvas Seat Covers – Canvas material is mostly preferred and recommended to those with an active lifestyle. Canvas is popular for its toughness and durable properties. Let alone fluid spills, dust or grime, this fabric can also withstand weather changes and rough treatments. In addition to that, this material is highly comfortable and conforms to visual aesthetics. It is tight-fitting giving that perfect glove-to-hand fit. As it cannot wrinkle and bunch, this fabric is ideal if you have kids, pets, or both.

·         Saddle Blanket Seat Covers- These seat covers are durable and confer the “old west” look. It is tightly woven for tensile strength in its heavy-duty use. Saddle blanket seat covers add comfort and style to your interior upholstery while protecting against spills and tears. Moreover, it is easy to clean, either with hand or machine wash.

When it comes to customization, the fit is all that matters. Custom car seat covers provide a true, seamless look and fit. Since they are built to the specification, they protect every nook and cranny of your seats. Personalizing your vehicle’s interior to suit your taste and interest also raises its resale value. Owning a vehicle is an investment and thus it is wise to protect its value and ensure longevity. Not only do they protect against internal factors like pets, kids and regular use but also external factors like weather and UV radiation.


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