Max Motamedian is one of the most sought-after businessmen of the present era and, while being the CEO of Bashari Inc, he has brought the company to higher heights over the past few years. Full Bashari Inc comes into existence in 2008 as an affluent vitamin and nutrient company. Since its creation, Max Motamedian has always maintained his active involvement in all key business activities such as promotion, manufacturing, buying, and delivery. It was mainly due to Max Motamedian’s innovative dream and brilliant decision-making; Bashari Inc turned out to be the most quality products and services of health care.

Full Bashari Inc offers the most comprehensive assessment of one’s fitness and health with the aid of a qualified team of professionals who will conduct several specific studies and research. It is when they come up with the best and most suitable nutrients (depending on your biometrics) that are aimed at giving them maximum fitness and health.

Under his tenure as a CEO of  Bashari Inc, Mohsen Motamedian Export made sure to keep abreast of all recent developments and changes in the health sector. He also ensures that he takes part in all the conferences and gatherings that are held across the world, where most health experts come together to discuss current trends in the health sector. That is Max Motamedian’s way forward in managing Bashari Inc’s overall growth and development. Mohsen Motamedian has represented the organization in recent years at some of the recognized activities such as the International Congress of Esthetics, Anti-Aging Medicine, Laser Conference & Expo, Dubai World Dermatology and MEPLAST 2009.

We may praise his excellent business acumen and decision-making; Bashari Inc has proved its mettle across the globe in the health and nutrition market.

Business development specialist Mohsen Motamedian Export of Southern California currently serves as CEO of Bashari Inc, a licensed nutritionist nutrition and lifestyle company that offers food and fitness services. Mohsen Motamedian USA at Bashari Inc encourages the creation of comprehensive food programs that help clients lose weight, strengthen stronger immune systems, and feel healthier and look healthier. Mohsen Motamedian wife, Doctor Layla Sade, a licensed nutritionist, earned a Ph.D. in Bashari Inc from Clayton College of Natural Health and an M.D. of Food Science and Nutrition from Chapman University and California University, Irvine.

Mohsen Motamedian USA and Doctor Layla Sade at Bashari Inc represent both adults and children, providing exclusive food programs and patented nutritional supplements for clients of all ages. Doctor Layla Sade usually does a blood review of each person in the development of individualized strategies to determine any stressful conditions and dietary imbalances while developing a comprehensive strategy around this detail.

Mohsen Motamedian Washington received a degree in electrical engineering and biomedicine from California State University, Long Beach, before working in the meat and supplements sectors. Mohsen Motamedian USA also donates his time and resources to non-profit organizations outside the office, including the American Autism Association and the Child Foundation.

Mohsen Motamedian Washington is now one of the most successful businessmen and is the CEO of Bashari Inc, a vitamin and nutrient company founded in 2008. Mohsen Motamedian has been the stalwart of its many business functions such as publicity, advertising, buying, and delivery ever since the company came into the picture in the US. We should praise Mohsen Motamedian Export’s visionary leadership “mega” Motamedian for getting it the most sought-after brand in the field of healthcare products and services, Bashari Inc doing its presence in cities like Seattle. Full Bashari Inc delivers the most respected and personalized safety assessment by a team.


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