3 Reasons To Find Your Next Insurance Policy Through An Independent Agent

3 Reasons To Find Your Next Insurance Policy Through An Independent Agent

If you are living in the United States of America, the chances are high that a great deal of your security comes from the insurance policies you have been able to maintain. Social, healthcare, and liability security all relies upon a complex network of financial insurances in the USA because there is a great deal of political incentive for individualistic participation in citizenship. With the right insurance policies, Americans are just as safe as anybody else in the world. 

Finding the right insurance policies can be a labyrinthine undertaking. Independent insurance agents have been guides through this labyrinth since the 19th century.  Unlike insurance companies or brokers, independent agents survey the market and help clients choose the best policies from multiple companies. The Independent Insurance Agents of America – known more commonly as the IIAA – was set up in 1896 by Robert Brannen and Charles Wilson. The two men were both independent fire insurance agents that wanted to pool knowledge and resources in their home city of Denver. 

Today, independent insurance agents are popular in many fields of insurance. Here are some reasons why you should find your next insurance policy through an independent agent. 

They Are Experienced Buyers

If you search online for insurance companies near me, the chances are that you will not be getting the full picture. Insurance companies and price comparison websites manipulate the online perception of their services by using clever marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and other tactics designed to make consumers assume they will be getting the best deals by following the easiest paths. Independent insurance agents, on the other hand, are experienced buyers. Instead of getting better results when you buy a certain policy – as an insurance company would – agents receive more custom if they find you the best deal. They use their experience in the industry to sift through the ocean of insurance policies available and advise you on the best route to take. 

They Stick Around

One of the best things about hiring an independent insurance agent is that, no matter whether you have purchased a policy or not, they are your agent. If they are on your payroll, they will have your best interests in mind no matter what stage of purchasing insurance you are at. This is most useful when you have purchased an insurance policy that reveals itself to be unsuitable. An independent insurance agent can guide you through the process of finding a new policy or lead negotiations with your existing insurance provider. 

They Are Perfect For Specialized Coverage

Although you might be familiar with the most well-known insurance companies, the chances are high that you are unaware of some of the specialist insurance providers out there. These specialist providers can offer you good deals if you have a very specific set of needs. An independent insurance agent will be able to search through these specialist providers to find an insurance company that suits your specific needs. 


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