Why choose gamma knife surgery and what are the benefits associated with it?

Why choose gamma knife surgery and what are the benefits associated with it?

Gamma knife surgery is a relatively new process compared to the number of surgeries that take place in India. If you pitch the idea of a non-invasive surgery to an elderly man, he will shy away from it because we seldom want to dive right into a process that we haven’t even heard much about. The sector involving gamma knife surgery is very wide and has very less cons associated with it.

What are the benefits of gamma knife surgery over normal surgery?

  1. The benefits associated with this surgery includes the fact that there is no scarring. If you have to constantly be in the public eye you cannot afford to go on a break simply because your skin will take it’s time to heal. People associated with the fashion industry usually opt for the gamma knife surgery when it comes to treating tumors.
  2. The risks of infection are very low. It often happens that no matter how sterilized the scalpels are, there are chances that a person might be infected with a bacterial problem after the surgery takes place. When it comes to gamma knife treatment, there are no changes of infection because there are no incisions. This what makes gamma knife for brain tumor treatment in india so popular.
  3. Sometimes disfigurement may also arise from conventional surgery and since the brain is such a sensitive part of the body, a simple tweaking of the wrong nerve while removing a tumor can lead to a lifelong defect or brain haemorrhage.
  4. Leaking of the spinal fluid during surgery is very common and can be fixed but at times it can go undetected and can lead to spinal headache.
  5. General anaesthesia is not used and the work is done with the help of a small dose of a sedative.
  6. At times gamma knife radiosurgery can be used as a predecessor for a necessary surgery which carries risks that cannot be eliminated simply with the help of radiosurgery or gamma knife surgery. It is often seen that some tumors are so big that the gamma knife cannot eliminate all the mutated cells and it becomes important to take it out externally. In such situations gamma knife radiosurgery is used to help eliminate maximum risks and complications associated with the surgery and making it an easy affair later on.
  7. Gamma knife radiosurgery is very different from brain radiosurgery for the entire brain. Here the radiations don’t touch every single part of the brain but just the affected tissue. This spares other parts of the brain from unnecessary exposure to radiation.
  8. The course of this surgery is just one day unlike SRS and Linac radiotherapies which require doses to be given over a few weeks. This process, known is fractionation is completely eliminated when it comes to gamma knife radiosurgery. You will not only save multiple trips to the hospital but you will also benefit greatly simply because the longer the radiation the greater the side effects.

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