What You Need to Think About When Organizing a Corporate Conference

What You Need to Think About When Organizing a Corporate Conference

Whether you are meeting with other businesses to discuss potential partnerships and deals or bringing your employees together for training purposes, having a conference is the ideal way to do this. When you are organizing a conference, it’s important to make sure that everyone attending is comfortable, that they can stay focused on the topics that are being discussed, and that everyone comes away feeling satisfied with the experience. If you are in charge of organizing the next corporate conference for your teams, here are some things to keep in mind to help it be as successful as possible.

Pick the Right Venue

Sometimes you might find holding a conference in a meeting room in your office block is the best choice, but this isn’t always the case. Depending on the size of the group that is coming together, you might need to find a more suitable environment for the conference to take place. Furthermore, holding the conference out of the office can also help to reduce distractions and make people feel more comfortable in a neutral setting. You just need to make sure that the venue you choose is easy for everyone to get to and has all of the facilities you will need onsite. You can search online for a suitable venue to see some examples of the options available to you.


Most venues will be able to offer some kind of catering package for your conference, and the attendees will certainly need some refreshments throughout the day. At the very least, you will need to serve teas, coffees, and some cold drinks, but if your conference lasts beyond lunchtime, this meal will also need to be provided. If the venue you choose does not offer catering onsite, you will need to order enough food and drink from an external catering company and have them deliver and perhaps even serve the food if you want a more formal arrangement. 

Review the Schedule

It’s also important to review the schedule for your conference before you finalize it and send it out to attendees. If the purpose of your conference is for staff training, then make sure everyone is put into the right groups throughout the day if you are splitting them up and that there is no overlap between the groups and sessions taking place. If the conference is going to be a set of business presentations, double-check that the speakers know what time they are making their presentations and that you have allowed time in the schedule for any potential delays and breaks. Once you are happy with the schedule and everything has been confirmed, then you can send out copies of this to attendees.

Get There Early

On the day of the conference, it’s a good idea for you to get to the venue or office early before any of the attendees arrive. This will allow you to run any final checks and make sure everything is in place for the conference to start.

If you have been left to organize the next conference for your company, use these tips to help you make it the best possible experience for everyone.


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