What Skills Do I Need to Be a Real Estate Agent?

What Skills Do I Need to Be a Real Estate Agent?

Working as a real estate agent can be an exciting and fast-paced job. You will be working with a variety of people each day, showing off some gorgeous properties, and learning a lot about the real estate market along the way, too. It’s a career that can offer stability and a very comfortable salary along with other perks, so it is easy to see why a lot of people choose this career path. If you are interested in starting a career as a real estate agent, below are some of the key skills you will need if you want to be successful.

Communication Skills

You won’t just be working with clients viewing and selling properties, but you’ll also be working closely with other members of your team, surveyors for property inspections, attorneys, etc., as you assist with the process of buying and selling properties. This means that you will need to have excellent communication skills as a real estate agent, as people will be relying on you to deliver the right information. You’ll also need to feel confident enough to meet with new people every day and answer any questions that they might have about the property or the process of working with you as a real estate agent. 

Organization and Time Management

With many different clients and properties to manage as part of your portfolio, having excellent organization skills and time management is essential. Not only will you need these skills when you are a licensed real estate agent, but they will be very useful at the very start of your career journey too. To get your real estate license, you will first need to look at real estate schools and enroll in some online classes. These will prepare you for your licensing exam and teach you about the business, including ethics and laws attached to real estate.

Attention to Detail

As a real estate agent, it is your job to make sure that properties sell at the asking price or above this amount. While your sales pitches should be strong, it’s the attention to detail that can make the difference and give potential buyers that extra push to make an offer. For example, advising the property owners how they can redecorate to make their house look more appealing or putting on a nice spread at an open house. Carefully choose flowers in a strategically placed vase, or even use some linen sprays and air fresheners to make the home feel more welcoming. It is these little touches that can make a big difference when people come to view a property. Furthermore, your attention to detail will also be greatly beneficial when it comes to looking over important documents for the sale of a property and ensuring that there are no mistakes.

Other skills will be useful if you want to pursue a career as a real estate agent, but these are some of the key ones that you will need to use every day if you want to be successful.


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