Theme-Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Theme-Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Birthdays are always fun, especially for kids. There’s something about their excitement regarding the birthdays. You could feel their anticipation and enthusiasm as they ring in the countdown until the big day arrives. It’s contagious! This year, make it even greater by hosting a themed birthday party. Did we tell you that theme-birthday parties are ten times more entertaining than the regular ones?

Serve them fancy dishes to taste, make them dress like their superheroes or the celebrity they adore, let the girls have the princess moment of their life, and whatnot. With so many unique ideas to throw a birthday party, you are surely going to give your kid the best birthday moment of his/her life.

To help you plan, we have listed a few birthday theme party ideas. These are unique from the rest that you have already planned or have been to with your kids.

  1. Pancakes and Pyjama Party: Which kid wouldn’t like to attend the party in their pyjamas? Well, everyone would love this idea because it is comfortable. Have the mattress laid down on the floor where the kids can get cosy. Then, there are pancakes also. Have a tray of pancakes along with addons like fruits, syrup, whipped cream, chocolate and let the kids make their own pancakes.
  • Ice-Cream Party: Summer birthday party calls for an ice cream treat. Instead of serving ice-cream scoops in small cups, go a bit creative and let every kid make their own ice cream. Have ice-cream shaped cookies, chocolates, cakes, etc. Then, keep one section where the kid can customize their ice creams. Make sure the decor compliments the theme by having popsicles on the wall, etc.
  • Mermaid Party: The little Ariel in your house would love this theme idea and will give her vote to host it. From the decor to the cake, everything should be mermaid themed. For mermaid themed cake; you can order cake online in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad or wherever you live. Make the birthday guest of honor wear a Mermaid dress to make her the centre of attraction, she deserves it.
  • Formula Race Car Party: Fuel the birthday party with formula race car theme. Have toy cars so that the kids can ride them, decorate with spare tires and flags. Get the cake decorated with a car topper. You could also ask the invitees to get dressed in the racing uniforms. Keep the color code red white and black. 
  • Disney Party: You can’t ever go wrong with a Disney themed party. Make the kids play “decorate your own mickey mouse face” game and they can take it back as a souvenir along with other goodies. If possible, one of you can get dressed as Mickey Mouse or outsource it to entertain the kids. Play disney songs all through the birthday party.
  • Pirate Party: Arghhh! This seems to be really enjoyable because the kids will have a lot of find and loot in the party. Plan a treasure hunt game with signs and hints. Give them return gifts loaded with stuff designed as loot bags. Let the guest of honor dress as the Captain Jack Sparrow. You can also decorate with boats, signage boards reading, Find and Loot, etc.
  • Pretty Pink Party: If it’s all a girls birthday party, throw a pink-themed birthday party. From the ambiance to gifts to dresses, it should all be in pink. Even you can serve pink desserts like pink cupcakes with edible glitters, mocktails, pink-themed cake, donuts, marshmallows. Let the girls have a pink fairy moment!

Which one did you like the most? Also, do tell us how your kid’s themed birthday party went.


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