The Complete Guide on What to Wear Snowboarding

The Complete Guide on What to Wear Snowboarding

From the tree-lined slopes around you to the feeling of the wind against your face, there’s nothing quite like snowboarding down a mountain. Yet while exhilarating, snowboarding can also be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Aside from being smart, knowing your limits, and snowboarding with a friend, the right snowboarding clothes can also help you stay safe. But what types of clothes should you bring?

If you’re trying to figure out what to wear snowboarding, keep reading for a guide that’ll teach you about the different snowboarding attire you’ll need.

An Insulation Layer

Zooming down a mountain is cold work. Having a warm base layer under your jacket will help regulate your body temperature, helping to prevent hypothermia and other problems. In most cases, clothing made of wool will keep you the warmest.

A base layer made of wool will keep moisture off of your skin, ensuring that you stay warm and dry. You can choose wool tops, bottoms, and one-pieces. Consider the conditions you’ll be snowboarding in to decide on which type of insulation to get.

If you’ll be snowboarding in mild conditions, a lightweight base layer should be enough. However, in more treacherous conditions, consider a midweight or heavyweight option.

The Right Jacket

As wool materials keep you warm on the inside, you’ll need the right jacket to add further protection on the outside.

The best snowboard jackets are those that come with breathability and waterproofing. You want to try to find a jacket that will keep you warm, dry, and insulated, but that will let you move around without difficulty.

Although it can be tempting to use ordinary jackets when snowboarding, make a point to get one specific for snowboarding. Manufacturers make these in a different way. They have a longer fit which helps prevent snow from slipping down your back or into your pants.

Breathable Pants

Aside from having an insulated, breathable jacket, you’ll also need to find the right pair of pants. Most of the same rules that apply for finding the right jacket apply here, as well.

Understand that “waterproof” clothing has a limit, and is more water-resistant than anything. After a certain amount of water, time, and pressure, it will begin to let water in. Choose a high level of waterproofing for your pants if you’ll be in wet conditions.

Impact Shorts

Whether you’re a snowboarding newbie or someone that’s been enjoying the sport for 20 years, you’ll always find a way to wipe out. To keep yourself from getting injured, make sure to don a pair of impact shorts.

Wearing impact shorts is the best way to protect your thighs, hips, tailbone, and joints. Next time you crash, it won’t hurt as much. You’ll also get to stay a little warmer by wearing an additional layer.

Remember that adding extra layers adds bulk. This can slow you down and make it harder to move. Look for lightweight and flexible shorts that don’t skimp out on adequate padding to get the best of both worlds.

High-Quality Socks

Anyone who spends time outside during winter knows how horrible it is to have cold or wet feet. The only thing worse is not being able to do anything to get your feet warm or dry. Prevent those horrors by wearing the right pair of socks.

Again, opting for wool is the best way to keep your feet nice and toasty. You’ll enjoy superior comfort and warmth, and if water does get in, it’ll dry quicker than with other materials, such as cotton.

A good pair of socks will also let you enjoy better compression. This means more support, which reduces your risk of injury. You’ll also have better circulation.


If you’re going to splurge on any area of your snowboarding attire, boots can be a good place to do it. The right pair of boots will create a perfect balance between grip, comfort, and warmth.

When shopping for boots, make sure to try them out before you decide on a pair. Walk around in them to get a sense of how they feel. They should feel snug, but not too tight. Most of the time, they’ll loosen up after a few days.

Gloves or Mittens

Hands are another area of the body that are quick to feel the effects of winter. Without the right pair of gloves or mittens to keep them warm, you’ll have a pretty miserable snowboarding experience.

Choosing between mittens or gloves comes down to personal preference. Gloves give you more flexibility, but at the cost of colder fingers. Mittens provide the opposite. Go with the option that you feel most comfortable with.

The Right Head Gear

Wearing goggles is important as they protect your eyes from snow, wind, and other things. High-quality goggles can also filter the amount of light that enters your eyes, ensuring that you’re always able to see everything you need to.

Some goggles also create a sharper contrast between objects, which makes everything around you clearer and easier to see. When you can see the details on the ground, you’ll be able to be a better snowboarder.

You’ll also need to wear a helmet. You can choose from many helmet types, but one that’s comfortable and protects your head should be enough.

Wondering What to Wear Snowboarding? This Guide Will Help

Whether you’re getting into snowboarding for the first time or have been enjoying it for years, the right snowboarding outfits can make a big difference.

If you’re wondering what to wear snowboarding, this guide should help you tear down the slopes while staying safe.

Are you ready to start getting your snowboarding clothes ready for this season? Before you go, take a moment to check out some of our other blog posts for more helpful guides and tips.


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