The Allah Chain Mens You Would Prefer

The Allah Chain Mens You Would Prefer

In contrast to Muslim women who can wear jewelry made from a variety of materials, Muslim men cannot do the same. Well, then how do men choose it that are in accordance with Islamic teachings. “Allah Almighty” is an image of the eastern written symbol of the word “Allah.” Allah is one and eternal, unique and consistent; due to the fact that it is the beginning and the end, nothing can compare with it. Allah is the creator of the universe and his judge. He is merciful, generous, all-knowing, rewards for good and punishes evil. People should, realizing the omnipotence of Allah, fully obey him and rely on him in everything. The Islamic understanding of Allah is based on the fact that God is a sacrament to which a believer can approach, but cannot know. The constant appeal to Allah and the pronunciation of his name is considered by believers to be pious and meritorious.

Attitude to muslim symbols

Nowadays, the crescent moon adorns the flags of many Muslim states, but not all followers of Islam agree that this is really Muslim symbolism. People who are well acquainted with the history of the appearance of the symbol in this culture refute the crescent, calling it a pagan sign. And even those who recognize the Muslim star and crescent are very careful about signs.

Muslim pendants in the form of a crescent on a chain cause great excitement. The silver Allah pendant simply identifies the religion of its owner and does not carry any sacred meaning. In no case should you regard it as an analogue of the pectoral cross among Christians.

Islam forbids the creation of a cult of anything or anyone other than Allah, be it people, celestial bodies, animals, plants, etc. Islam came to the world in order to save people from the veneration of idols and establish pure Monotheism. To this end, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), having overthrown the Arabian and Meccan idols and idols, taught people to reject everything that interferes with the pure doctrine of Allah. The conversion of a symbol into something sacred by religion is not permitted.

Therefore, it is emphasized once again that it is wrong and unreasonable to consider the crescent and the Muslim star as symbols of Islam. The images of the night luminaries can be used as symbols of a dynasty, a country, as Osman did in his time. This is not forbidden – Muslims can choose any symbols that do not contradict the Sharia. Allah knows better!

Take care of yourself and may Allah protect you!


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