Teal Swan – Unfolding the True Potential in People with Books, Workshops and Social Media

Teal Swan – Unfolding the True Potential in People with Books, Workshops and Social Media

The talented Teal Swan founded Teal Eye LLC in 2012 with the objective of carrying out her goal for the betterment of the planet. Her vision has inspired millions of men and women across the globe and can be placed under a single roof- bringing positive change into the world. It encompasses all her unique events and projects like The Curveball Retreats, Synchronization Workshops, The Mirror, and The Phila Center in Costa Rica. 

Teal Swan – An inspirational and compassionate spiritual healer 

Teal Swan is a globally recognized spiritual leader and a motivating voice in the field of empowerment, self-alignment, metaphysics, and authenticity. The whole ideology behind her authenticity movement is the outcome of the modern world today. If you look at it closely, it is fast-paced where people are more of robots over humans. Their entire existence is rooted in pretense over authenticity. She is on a mission to preach authenticity with her books and social media presence. Besides this, she is a best-selling author and motivational speaker who travels across the globe to teach spiritual growth and self-development. 

An insight into her background 

She is multi-talented and was born with a wide range of extrasensory abilities like clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. Today, she deploys her unique gifts with her experience in life to inspire many people to drive them towards joy, freedom, and authenticity. 

She has written three books and has made over 150 frequency paintings. She is the creator of the “Ask Teal” series on YouTube, with more than 45 million views. She hosts the Fifth Element, a unique event that takes place for more than three days to help men and women awaken the humane elements inside them to watch their inner talents and potential unfold. She conducts all of the above in addition to her spectacular vision of bringing positive change to the globe. 

Establishing the Headway Foundation

She is the Founder of Headway Foundation, a non-profit organization that enables ventures, goals, and ideas targeted at the positive global change to become real. In the future years, Headway Foundation will bring in companies, products, programs, and centers in the areas of justice reforms, end-of-life care, education, healing, self-help, parenting, integrative medicine, spirituality, and food industry reform. This Foundation seeks to bring change into a society that will introduce a higher quality and standard of life for all human beings who value this planet their peaceful abode. 

Teal Swan has the sole mission of alleviating suffering and healing the wounds that men and women have on Earth. She is a kind and compassionate human being. Her presence and talks have inspired millions, and this is why she is well-loved and respected across the globe. Thanks to her social media presence, she can reach out to her followers and connect to them with success from any part of the planet. She helps people come out of pain and lead them to their natural, true, and authentic selves. This is why she is so popular and an inspirational figure in spiritual healing today. 


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