Some major facts about Lab Testing Asia

Some major facts about Lab Testing Asia

It is lead paint on the giveaway toys of children. Even the computer mouse can shock the users seriously. It seems that every new day comes with a wave of product recalls and the safety alerts for those products coming from other countries. Promotional product distributors and importers are just as susceptible as the retailers to the disastrous effect on their business and their reputation that they are distributing something bad with lots of dangers. People, who are in the trade industry and deal with international suppliers, follow some strategies and methods to know whether the product is up to the mark in quality or not.

Lab testing Asia is the best and only possible way to check that an imported good is compliant with all types of safety standards and all the substance regulations. But all the test results and methods of lab test is not at all similar. You need to get it through an accredited testing company only. A valid, reliable and certified company can only provide you with the standard result of lab testing.

Reason to go for an accredited lab testing company:

Almost of Asia, China and USA authorities require different types of test reports and a wide range of certificates on the basis of goods type that you are importing to other countries. For instance, for kitchen equipment you need a different certificate and so that for flammable products and kids toys. Every test reports and every certificate are not also acceptable in many countries, but they accept only the reports of accredited labs by the particular government of your target market where you are going to sell the products.

Even the accreditation method is different for different countries. A test Lab Asia that is accredited by the Indian or Chinese authorities may not be accredited in Europe or America. Also, there are several laboratories that are properly accredited in the US and EU has also the laboratory facilities in Asia.

It is quite important to identify, which laboratory is good and has proper accreditation. There are several companies that offer the service and you need to choose the right one after a little bit of research.

How to identify the government accredited company:

To find an accredited and reliable company, you need to search online. There are the government’s websites of every place in Asia or outside that comes with the list of companies that offer the services. But to know the authenticity of the company you need to check the government websites. There you will find the complete list of companies that accredited by government authority. Another way is to read the complete reviews on Lab Testing Asia. Valid clients will surely mention the matter in the testimonial part. You should check it before going for lab testing of your good before shipment. If the company is not accredited, you will have more issues with your shipment process. You can visit the company websites also to find out whether the company has proper certification and permission.


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