Save On Energy: Why You Should Purchase a Used Generator

Save On Energy: Why You Should Purchase a Used Generator

Did you know the United States has more power outages than other developed countries? You might want to pick up a generator for your business.

If you want to learn about the benefits of buying used generators, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over why you should consider getting a used generator.

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A Used Generator Will Cost Less

One of the best perks of buying used is that you’ll save some money. You’ll have tons of different price options.

A lower-cost is one of the main reasons businesses buy a used generator compared to a new generator. Used generators tend to be a fraction of the cost.

Shorter Wait Time

When you buy a new generator, there’s a gap in time where you have to wait to get the generator.

When you order a new generator, the manufacturer has to build the generators. There aren’t usually brand new generators on-hand.

The lead time can last from eight to 16 weeks.

Buying a used generator will reduce your wait time. The used generator is usually ready to get shipped right away.

For a business that needs a backup generator right away, you’ll want to consider getting a used generator. This way, you won’t have to end up waiting too long.

Reliable Generators

There’s a negative meaning when you think of used generators. Don’t focus on this negative implication.

As long as you buy the generator from a certified dealer, you can get the generator in decent condition.

Certified used generator dealers will maintain, test, and repair used generators. This way, they can guarantee reliability and function before they sell the generators.

You’ll know that the product is quality and that you can trust the business. Most used or pre-owned generators have only been in standby mode. This means, when they do operate, they’ll work as if they are brand new.

Fewer Forms and Paperwork to Fill Out

Another benefit when you buy a used generator for emergency or backup is less paperwork.

There is different paperwork that needs to get filled out when people buy a brand new generator.

When you buy a used generator, you’ll still need to fill out some paperwork. But the filing process is a lot less involved.

You’ll Have More Options

When you buy a used generator, you have the flexibility to make modifications to suit your needs.

For example, with a used generator, you can swap out the control boards. You’ll have a much easier time customizing the control board process.

Buying a used generator will give you a variety of choices. A certified used generator dealer carries many different brands in stocks. You could find a Kohler to Cummins and smaller brands.

Consider the pros and cons of a used generator. This way, you can make sure you find a generator that suits your needs and your budget.

Check the Age of the Generator

When you buy a used generator, you’ll want to check the age. With any after-market machinery, age can affect the generator’s usability.

Consider the usage hours. You’ll get an idea of how much the generator was used by its previous owner. You should also try to find out what the generator was used for at the previous business.

Backup generators are in better condition compared to generators used as the primary power source.

Who Is the Manufacturer?

Research the manufacturers before buying a used generator. You’ll want to try and buy from a trusted brand that has a decent reputation.

Even when buying used, you’ll still want to look for reputable manufacturers.

Research the manufacturer’s reputation and history. Avoid a manufacturer with a bad reputation or reviews.

Invest in a used generator that’s made by a reputable company. You’ll get a generator from a manufacturer known for producing reliable generators.

Who Is the Seller?

Consider the used generator company that’s selling the generator.

Buy a used generator from an established seller. Don’t buy a used generator from someone who doesn’t sell electric generators often.

You want an experienced generator reseller. They’ll have a lot of industry experience and knowledge to help you find the right one for your business.

Check the Generator

Trained personnel should check the mechanical parts of the used generator. They can look for fatigue or wear or parts that have corrosion build-up or cracks.

Any parts that need work will need to get replaced. The bushings and bearings should also get replaced, as they are hard to test for wear and tear.

Maintenance Help

When you buy a used generator, look to buy from a company that also offers maintenance service. This way, the company can service your generator down the road.

Don’t Forget a Load Test

Make sure that you buy a used generator that’s already been load tested. Load testing will help reveal the operational power. Old generators can lose power capability as time passes.

Make sure the company will perform the testing to make sure that the used generator is working well.

Now that you know the benefits of used generators and what to look for, start searching online. Find used generators for sale.

Now You Know How to Save on Energy With a Used Generator

We hope this guide on used generators was helpful. Now that you know more about used generators start researching. Save on energy with a used generator.

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