Let the Flowers Speak for You

Let the Flowers Speak for You

Love is in the air; we talk about it; we sing about it but do we do something actually to make it happen; to make the special ones in our lives realise their worth and importance. We often miss out on these small habits that express our love in the most subtle and unsaid ways. With the coming year draw all powers in your favour and take your people on a love ride. There’s not much to think about, sometimes all you need is some flowers and a heartfelt note in your hand. Even if you live far away, you can always send a parcel like say flower delivery in Bangalore. What flowers should it be? Let us help you with some ideas.

  • A bunch of roses

The first and foremost choice that comes to mind whenever someone thinks of buying or gifting flowers is roses. It is also a widespread belief that the colour of the roses speaks about your relationship with the person. Red for love and white for friendship are part of an opinion. Make your parcel extra flamboyant with a few decorative ribbons and greens.

  • Lilies on the go

Next comes some lilies. They are lovely and delightful, a real pleasure for sore eyes, and their scent is commendable too. Very very popular in the league of gifts as well these flowers will make a perfect choice to be gifted to your loved ones, and along in a basket, they will be the most beautiful gift they receive at that moment.

  • Sunflowers for the ladies

Sunflowers are known to be a magnificent species of flowers and have been used in the gifting ordeal since forever. Coming in beautiful shades of pink white and of course orange and yellow they are a sweet option to be gifted to the special people in your life, and on special occasions they make must of a gift every time. Kept out they look even more beautiful to people passing by.

  • Gerbera Flowers

Coming back to the blossoms gerbera is another perfect choice. Not found very often in homes and not a popular gift option as well these flowers fulfil the spot of exotic gift that was least expected. They check all boxes be it the fragrance of the very different shape of the petal. The flowers come in many colours, and hence you can make an easy pic based both on home decor as well as the choice your girl would make.

  • Beautiful Carnations

Carnations are a beautiful category of flowers kept in transparent glass vases they look even more impressive and appealing. They too are persistent and fill the whole space with a fresh aroma and divine vibes. They make an excellent choice to be displayed in the living room or for beautifying the bedrooms as well. Getting over favourites like Roses and lilies is hard, but if you do decide to make an over the top choice, carnations are the one.

People popularly choose baskets, boxes and mugs to make their gifts more appealing, and we suggest you try your luck with these exciting new ideas too.


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