How to maximise the performance of your portable evaporative cooler

How to maximise the performance of your portable evaporative cooler

If you have bought a portable evaporative cooler (or you are seriously considering buying one), then you will no doubt want to know how to get the very best performance out of them. Whether you are sitting at your desk, sweating in a hot office, trying to escape a heat wave, or using the cooler for a specific task (such as cooling food in a kitchen), it is imperative that you know how to use it correctly.

Like any device, an evaporative cooler can work well or terribly, depending on the model you buy and how you use it. However, it must also be said that evaporative coolers work slightly differently from other types of coolers or conditioners. Evaporative coolers thrive in dry conditions, for example, and will rely upon a modicum of cross-ventilation to get the most out of them. To help, this is how to maximize the performance of your portable evaporative cooler:

Avoid humid spaces

As already mentioned, evaporative water coolers work best when operating in dry air. Although this might sound counterintuitive, given that you will likely be feeling particularly hot in humid conditions, this type of cooler prefers humidity levels of 50% or less. The reason for this is that dry, warm air triggers the most evaporation, which is what a portable evaporative air cooler or a large-scale unit of this kind needs to bring down the temperature of the space.

However, bear in mind that this effect is lessened when the cooler is operating outside. One reason for this is the simple fact that an evaporative cooler blows cool air around, whereas other forms of outdoor coolers simply blow warm air in your face.

Add ice to your water tank

To turbocharge the effectiveness of your evaporative cooler, you may want to add ice, rather than water, to the cooler. This will quicken the cooling process and give the machine a chance to combat high temperatures.

Put the cooler near an open window

To get the very best from your evaporative cooler, you are advised to place it near an open window. This will ensure that there is proper ventilation circulating through the room. Essentially, the machine will suck in fresh air from outside and use it to push the air from the inside out. Not only will this help you feel the breeze, but it will lower the humidity levels in the room. It will obviously struggle to do this if you have a stuffy room with no windows or doors open.

Direct the evaporative cooler toward you

It might sound blindingly obvious, but if you want to feel the full effects of the cooler, you need to make sure it is reaching you. If you are sitting all the way in the other corner of the room, and the cooler is facing away from you, it is going to seriously struggle to make an impact. Instead, direct its airflow towards you, making sure that it is both close enough to have an effect without blasting you with an arctic chill.


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