How to Make a Statement with Your Style

How to Make a Statement with Your Style

It’s always nice to be able to express yourself and show your individuality, and using fashion to achieve this can be fun and exciting. Experimenting with new looks is a wonderful way to change things up and give yourself a fresh start, whether it’s a new hairstyle or adding some color to your outfits that you wouldn’t have chosen previously. You might also be surprised to discover new styles that suit you, even if you never thought they would! If you would like to make a statement with your new look, here are a few ideas you can use to help make that happen. 


Statement jewelry had a resurgence a few years ago, but it has always been an excellent way to catch people’s attention and make yourself feel utterly glamourous. Whether it’s a bold necklace, earrings, or gorgeous statement ring, these pieces are perfect for dressing up, even casual outfits and can help you feel like a powerhouse. Check out some gorgeous statement pieces for inspiration and to see how they could work for you.


If jewelry isn’t right for you, perhaps a gorgeous statement bag will do the trick? There are plenty of pretty clutches and shoulder bags available that can look smart, but look at these designer pillbox bags for an example of a true statement piece. These designs aren’t something you will typically see every day, but they are fun and will certainly get noticed. This kind of style is perfect for someone who wants to turn heads but also likes to be playful with their style.


Killer heels can certainly make a statement, but you don’t have to throw your back out to look great. Colorful sneakers or boots can be eye-catching and stylish, especially when you match them with the rest of your outfit. There are a lot of unique shoe brands out there that incorporate interesting designs with comfortable shoes, which is perfect for someone looking for something a little different to add to their collection. Just be mindful that these kinds of shoes won’t necessarily go with every outfit, so if you are looking for something more versatile, they probably won’t be the right fit.


Style isn’t just about the clothes you wear, so don’t forget how you can express your individuality in other ways. For example, trying out a new bold hairstyle can help to make a statement, or even dying it an interesting color that isn’t natural-looking, such as blue or purple. If you’re not ready to cut or dye your hair, you can simply try new styles with braids, buns, ponytails, and even adding curls where you would usually wear it straight. 

Experimenting with new looks can be very liberating and also a great chance to express yourself. A lot of people choose fashion and style to make a statement about who they are or something else that they are passionate about, and if you would like to try and do this, consider the tips above to see how they could work for you.


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