How Much Does It Usually Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Rent a Dumpster?

There are many instances in life when you need to rent a dumpster. For instance, if you’re remodeling your house, downsizing to a smaller home, or even if you own a business that requires a dumpster for trash.

Depending on your unique situation, the amount it may cost to rent a dumpster may be different. Whether you need to rent a dumpster for residential or commercial use, we’re going to break down the costs associated with dumpster rental.

Read below for a detailed guide on how to rent a dumpster.

Dumpster Rental 101

While many companies rent dumpsters by the week or by the month, it is possible to find some companies which rent dumpsters by the day if you live in an area with high demand. Other things you’ll want to consider when renting a dumpster are costs like late fees, overage fees, and permits.

Dumpster rental costs usually include delivery, placement, pickup, and dumping. Sizes can range anywhere from two to up to fifty cubic yards. If you’re unsure what size you need, your rental company can help you select the right size for your load.

Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

Roll-off dumpsters are great for the one-bedroom remodel, the full house gut, or even a commercial construction site. When it comes to roll-off dumpsters, there are two options. You can go with a small roll-off dumpster or a large roll-off dumpster.

As you can probably imagine, small and large roll-off dumpsters suit specific needs. Small roll-off dumpsters are great for residential projects that may be small in scale. Large roll-off dumpsters are more commonplace for larger commercial projects.

The difference between smaller and larger roll-off dumpsters is simple. Small roll-off dumpsters are thin with high walls, while large roll-off dumpsters are more shallow and a wider base especially suited for larger construction debris.

The average cost for roll-off dumpster rentals ranges from $300 to $550. As you might imagine, the cost to rent roll-off dumpsters depends on the size of your dumpster by cubic feet.

Here are the average costs per week for roll-off dumpsters by cubic feet:

  • 10 cubic feet = $200 – $575
  • 20 cubic feet = $275 – $700
  • 30 cubic feet = $300 – $725
  • 40 cubic feet = $350 – $800

However, you may not always need a roll-off dumpster. In that case, you’ll want to use a smaller dumpster rental.

Smaller Dumpster Rentals

Most families will need smaller dumpster rentals, especially if you’re working on a small home project. The weekend warrior looking to replace the flooring or clearing out a wall for an open-concept living area may only require a small dumpster.

Here are the average prices per week for smaller dumpsters:

  • 2 cubic feet = $75 – $125
  • 3 cubic feet = $100 – $175
  • 4 cubic feet = $125 – $200
  • 5 cubic feet = $150 – $225
  • 6 cubic feet = $200 – $275
  • 8 cubic feet = $225 – $300
  • 10 cubic feet = $250 – $325

While dumpsters are often used for residential remodeling projects, there are other occasions where dumpsters are required.

Junk Removal Dumpsters

Even if you aren’t planning a remodel for your residential home, there are often times when decluttering is in order. With each passing year, families live in a home. They acquire more items in their homes.

You may not notice it at first, but once Christmas rolls around, you begin to look around and realize that a bit of cleaning house is in order. This is the perfect time to rent a junk removal dumpster.

These dumpsters are not usually designed for a home to remodel or construction sites, but for removing excess furniture, old trinkets that aren’t being used anymore.

These dumpsters are a great alternative to leaving your items out on the road for the sanitation worker to pick up. The average cost associated with smaller dumpsters for junk removal is $150 to up to $400.

Lastly, any junk like old furniture or appliances has a higher dumping cost than regular trash at the local landfill, which should be factored into your costs.

Construction Dumpster Rental Cost

Although there is no real difference in the cost to rent a dumpster for construction, it should be known that if you’re using a dumpster for construction or remodeling, you’ll likely pay $50 to $100 more for dumping costs.

Any debris considered construction debris would be the wiring, flooring, carpeting, siding, drywall, roofing, and even small appliances.

Length of Rental

Another factor that can play a role in the overall cost of a dumpster rental is how long you rent the dumpster. Many people who rent a dumpster find that they need it a bit longer than expected. When this happens, companies charge for the extra time.

You can always expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $800 for the first week depending on the size of your dumpster and what company you go through. After that, companies will charge either by the day, week, or month depending on the circumstances.

Here’s a cost breakdown:

  • Daily = $25 – $80
  • Weekly = $350 – $550
  • Monthly = $500 – $1,200

It’s important to keep these costs in mind when renting a dumpster, as it may have to be factored into the overall budget of a project.

Other Factors to Consider

Some other factors to consider are the common pitfalls associated with dumpster rental. Here are a few common pitfalls many dumpster renters face.


Overloading is a common problem that many people face. If you become worried that you may overload your dumpster, it’s important to arrange an additional pick up to save yourself from overloading the dumpster.

Hazardous Waste

In most places, it’s illegal to dump hazardous waste into a dumpster. If you’re worried that your load may also include hazardous waste removal, you may want to contact your local dump and the dumpster company as well to find out how to solve this issue.

Prohibited Materials

If you have to dump items like refrigerators, air conditioners, batteries, computers, batteries, or car fluids, you’ll want to reach out to services that can handle these items as they aren’t able to be dumped in a dumpster.

So What Is the Average Price?

According to online reports, a dumpster rental cost is about $279 to $487 per week. While the national average is $363 per month, you may pay more or less depending on your location and availability. Either way, it’s important to take into account all the figures discussed when you consider a dumpster rental.

Rent a Dumpster Like a Pro

With this information out of the way, you should be able to rent a dumpster like a pro! We hope this handy guide offers you all you need.

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