How Can You Make Your Wedding Day Last?

How Can You Make Your Wedding Day Last?

Although you might have been planning your wedding day for months, the day itself will come and go in the blink of an eye. You may find in a couple of months, when the chaos of everyday life has returned, that you remember next to nothing about your special day. Therefore, to ensure that you can make your wedding day last for as long as your marriage, here are some of the best ideas out there on how to preserve your memories of the big day.

Buy 3D Photo Crystals

Although you might have gone all out and employed a wedding photographer for your special day, you may find that even the professional photos that were taken of your wedding get stashed away at the back of a drawer within a couple of months of your marriage. Therefore, you should consider investing in 3D photo crystals from Crystal Impressions as these can ensure that you can display your favorite photos from your wedding in a neat and beautiful way.

Make a Wedding Video

However, sometimes a photo is not enough to remember every aspect of your day. Sometimes, the people that are the center of attention find that they miss out on the majority of their wedding or that they are so wrapped up in the organization that they struggle to enjoy it. Therefore, you should consider making a wedding day video that will allow you to sit back and treasure the magical event that you were able to host when you are feeling more relaxed.

Collect Keepsakes from the Day

There are lots of ready-made souvenirs at your wedding, and you should make sure that not all of these end up in the bin. For instance, you should wrap your dress in tissue and store it securely to show your grandchildren in the future. You should also consider keeping smaller mementos such as wedding cake toppers, favors, and stationery. You might also think about pressing or drying the flowers from your wedding so that they will always be with you.

Treasure Wedding Gifts

When you get married, it is likely that you will be showered with luxurious and extravagant gifts throughout the day of your wedding. These gifts can act as reminders of your special day for years to come, especially if they are personalized treasures or ornaments rather than practical presents like kitchen equipment. Therefore, you should make sure that you look after these and keep them in great condition, or you may regret it at a later date.

Create a Guest Book

Your family and friends are just as important on your big day as your spouse, though, and to capture their congratulatory messages and outpouring of love for you and your partner, you should create a guest book in which your loved ones can write little notes to you throughout the day.

Celebrate on Your Anniversary

The best way that you can make your wedding day and its memories last, though, is to celebrate your anniversary every single year. This can help to keep your marriage alive and remind each other why your wedding day was such a special day.


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