Embarking on a Career in Nursing

Embarking on a Career in Nursing

A career in nursing may not have been something that you have focused on too much before, however why not? There are lots of opportunities for growth and development within nursing, and when you get the chance and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of others – why wouldn’t you? Nursing allows you to realize your potential, and it allows you to give so much back too. So, how do you go about embarking on a career in nursing, and what should you be thinking about?

What the Healthcare Industry Has to Offer

With growing populations, the need for new nurses has never been clearer. However, not all positions are being filled, and this then means there are shortages across the board. Embarking on a career in nursing and entering the healthcare industry may not have been something that you have thought about before. However, it should be because there are currently lots of opportunities for self-growth and for professional growth too. Being involved at a grassroots level within nursing and within healthcare can leave you feeling fulfilled, and it can give you a great deal of job satisfaction too.

Why Nursing and Why Now

The demand for nurses is something that does not seem to be going away anytime soon, with professionals estimating that figures will continue to rise. Demand for nursing professionals is predicted to rise in the coming years. The demand is based on a number of factors. For example, people are living longer, populations are growing, not to mention existing nurses progressing and moving into leadership, or even retiring from the profession. Patients are having complex issues and so require complex care and support. The number of nurses needed to cope with the increasing care requirements and demands is expected to rise and grow continuously.

Future Opportunities

As well as the demand for hands-on nurses that provide care to individuals and patients, it is also predicted that more nursing leaders will be required in the future too. The nursing industry has a lot to offer you, especially if you want to grow and develop a career in the future too. For example, you can start off within nursing, and then 5 or 10 years down the line, you could be training other nurses, supporting them, or mentoring them. As the nursing and healthcare industry continues to grow, develop, and expand, then so too will your role and your expectations.

Getting the Right Education

To get started as a nurse, you need to focus on your skills, of course, but you also need to focus on advancing your education. Education will be something that will be prominent throughout your whole nursing career, and the sooner you focus on it, then the more beneficial it will be. You are not going to be able to secure a nursing position without a nursing degree, and there is no getting around this. So, how can you go about getting your degree in as short a timescale as possible? You could start by looking at accelerated BSN online programs because these take into account your existing qualifications and experience. An accelerated program that you study online gives you the chance to study at a time and place that is convenient to you. When you are looking at programs, it is important to look at where you will study, as not all colleges and universities are the same. Choosing a provider that has a strong reputation is going to put you and your studies in good stead for the future.

Getting Licensed

As well as focusing on getting a degree, you also need to ensure that you get properly licensed. You cannot practice as a nurse if you are unlicensed. Licensing requirements can and will vary according to where you want to practice. So, it is important that you check out what licensing requirements you need to adhere to and meet. The process of licensing for registered nurses is very similar, but you should always check that you are fulfilling the requirements before you apply. To get your license, you can start applying when you graduate or even just shortly before.

Committing to Making a Change

As a nurse, you will want to make a change. You will want to change how patients receive care, and you will want to commit to changing yourself too. Offering the best level of care and support is what you should be constantly focused on. If you are not prepared to change, or if you are not committed to change, then your nursing will suffer as a result. When it comes to making changes, you need to look at the end results first. Decide what you want to achieve and by when you can then start working backward from this end goal. 

Expectations Against Reality

The expectations and realities of being a nurse can sometimes be clouded by what others say and by other professionals influences. However, it is important that your expectations remain as realistic as possible. Yes, there will be days when you feel your best is not good enough, and yes, there will be days when you feel overwhelmed. However, you must learn to take these bad days with the good days. Managing your expectations and managing the reality is not easy to do, and it will take time, but if you persist, you will get a happy and sustainable balance.

Teamwork and Personal Growth

A career in nursing can be tough, and it can be challenging. Trying to be your best and trying to give your best to every patient can leave you feeling exhausted and worn out. Self-growth, self-care, and teamwork with others is going to be beneficial to your role moving forwards. Taking time to develop yourself both professionally and personally is going to be advantageous to your career both now and in the future. Reaching out to others and being part of a team will ensure that you get the most out of nursing.


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