Easy ideas to transform your terrace into a lush garden

Easy ideas to transform your terrace into a lush garden

Beautiful terraces add a natural appeal to houses. There is an increasing acceptance that any outside space whether a terrace or a balcony is the fifth room in your home, and therefore requires to be furnished and decorated. People pay huge amounts to decorate palatial houses and give them unique interiors, but barely pay attention to the terrace.

In today’s busy life, one looks for a peaceful enclave after a tough day at work. There are many ways through which an overlooked terrace can be turned into a beautiful space for relaxation, evening parties & much more. Even the smallest of studio houses can be converted into an exclusive retreat. Several terrace ideas can be employed to add some character and style and make them the most endearing place in your homes.

By using a few clever tips and strategies, such as expanding plantation, maximizing outdoor living space, and using decorative indoor flower potsrooftop terraces can feel larger and more secluded. Here are 6 tips to easily transform your terrace into a lush green garden:

  1. Create your rooftop into an outdoor living room-

One of the easiest ways to convert your rooftop terrace into a beautiful garden is by using cozy furniture, putting wall arts and good lighting. While not all decor makes sense outside, investing in comfortable outdoor furniture and adding details such as an outdoor rug, decorative indoor flower pots, a shade or umbrella, will make the space all the more inviting like a lavish living room with a starry view.

  • Choose appropriate furniture –

If your terrace lacks space then it is important to choose exactly the right things to fill it. Opt for outdoor furniture that uses space, maybe a bench or a corner sofa rather than chairs. You can also use small stools and transform them into tables. Foldable chairs and tables are other good options.

  • Grow greenery-

To make your terrace feel more like a picturesque garden, invest in green plants, designer pots for plants and colorful fences. Potted plants add freshness and calm also, one can grow climbers and shrubs to maintain privacy from adjacent buildings. To give your terrace garden a more enhanced look you can add several small stone containers or designer indoor plant pots filled with chrysanthemums and poppies. One can also consider growing herbs as they smell great and can be useful in the kitchen.

  • Beautify your terrace walls –

Add some colors or authentic artwork to your terrace wall and make the whole terrace garden come alive. One can also use unique wall arts in terracotta to give the terrace an oriental touch. Using different colors and textures, creating layers of interest give the terrace garden more relaxed vibes.

  • Innovative flooring & railings-

Choose a flooring style that suits your terrace garden theme and the climate you live in.

One can opt maple flooring or colorful printed tiles. For terrace railings, planters will work wonders while giving the look and feel of a beautiful garden. This is the best way to make your terrace look attractive even if it lacks space. These planters are very affordable and beautiful at the same time.

  • Lighting-

Investing in a group of lamps, lanterns, fairy lights and candles makes the terrace garden look stunning. Use of reflective surfaces and mirrors also add depth and bounce light around. The use of perfect lights will illuminate your terrace like a nighttime landscape.

  • Use simple color palette-

Using an effortless color palette which is plain or simple combined with a luxurious corner couch, comfortable armchair will give an impactful look to your terrace garden. Whether your terrace space is big or small, a restricted color and planting palette will enhance the appeal of your terrace garden.

  • Rooftop swimming pool-

If your terrace is big and has a lot of space then to give it a magnificent and lavish look, one can think of installing a rooftop swimming pool or Jacuzzi. A soothing moonlit dive or day time swim in the pool on your terrace is altogether an artful experience.

  • Gaming zone-

If you love playing indoor games such as cards and board games then add a few bean bags and center tables. You’re all set for an evening of fun and frolic with a glittery Skyview.

Hence, if you have got an awesome terrace with an amazing view, decorating it with lights and colors is indeed a great idea. A tranquil garden in which one can enjoy peace is a dream of every nature lover. Covering the bare terrace floor with different types of flowers, shrubs and converting the space into fine dining, reading area or a coffee time sit out can be very beneficial. Therefore, it’s time to add charm to your home terrace and nurture it with love and care. Thus, making it a wonderful evening abode.


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