Divorce in Ohio: Hire a lawyer for dealing with child custody

Divorce in Ohio: Hire a lawyer for dealing with child custody

Separating from your spouse is a difficult decision. In Ohio, you have three options to alter your marital status. The first option is to file for legal separation, where you both remain married to one another, but live separately. The second option is to go for dissolution of marriage, where you will be separated legally and all aspects like property & liability division will be finalized. There is also the choice of filing for divorce, in case you and your spouse do not agree on the separation. Either way, you have to discuss one important aspect – Child custody, if you have children. Talking to an experienced Sylvania child custody lawyer can help in avoiding the complications related to child custody & support. Here are some important things worth knowing.

Negotiating for an arrangement

Let’s get real – custody disputes are always complicated and can drag for a long time. If you can, consider having a custody arrangement with your spouse, for which your lawyer can offer considerable insight. Keep in mind that you need someone who can work in your interests and protect your rights, and a family lawyer who specializes in child custody matters is your best bet. They can guide you through the mediation process, and as needed, they will negotiate with your spouse and their attorney on how an arrangement can be agreed upon. While the welfare and interests of the child should take precedence, things don’t work as expected, primarily because parents don’t look beyond their own struggles and egos. With a family lawyer, things will be easier.

Taking child custody to court

If mediation and negotiation fail with your spouse, your next option is to go to court. Your family lawyer will negotiate and argue on your behalf in such matters. In Ohio, courts usually like parents to share the custody of their child, which is also known as shared parenting. This usually refers to an arrangement, where the child will live with one parent, but the other parent will have enough time with the kid and stays involved in important decisions too. Of course, each case is unique, so the judge may look into many things, for which you may need the support of your lawyer to prove that you are stable, capable, and extremely interested in your rights as a parent.

When it comes to child custody, don’t compromise on the wellbeing of your child. Talk to a lawyer who can help!


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