Discover the Best 2020 Fashion Trends to Wear with Barbara Victoria Montalvo

Discover the Best 2020 Fashion Trends to Wear with Barbara Victoria Montalvo

The major fashion runways at Milan, Paris, London, and New York gave fashion lovers some really amazing designs and creations to sport for 2020. In fact, right from classic styles to fresh ones, the designers have given style lovers a number of amazing trends to embrace for the rest of the year. However, when it comes to daily life, you just cannot walk out on the road wearing something exotic. You do not want people to look your way and whisper things under their breath. Fashion experts say you should always dress for the occasion, and even if you are going out every day to work, college, or even to the supermarket, there are some amazing wearable styles to embrace to stand out in the crowd and win admiration.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo – Step out in style wherever you go

Barbara Victoria Montalvo is an esteemed fashion blogger from New York known for her high-end and street style fashion. She says when it comes to wearable trends for 2020, silk is one material you cannot afford to miss. Ideal for both office and party wear, you can invest in a classic white silk shirt or choose the color of 2020- navy blue. Yes, navy blue dresses and tops did dominate the major fashion runways this year, and it should be embraced liberally in your everyday wear. Navy blue is a charismatic color, and though it is more or less like black, it actually stands out when woven with silk. Choose a navy- blue silk shirt and pair it with jeans with some trainers or a nice pencil skirt for the added style quotient.

The other top trends that you can embrace for 2020 are-

  1. Polka dots- Polka dots have been a top favorite of many women in the past, and they are here to dominate 2020 as well. In fact, they will not only be present in the spring, but they will extend into the winter seasons as well.
  2. Pleats- They will be a hot fashion statement this year. Major fashion runways had them on pants, skirts, and dresses. In fact, they were everywhere, and if you are looking for a top wearable style trend for 2020, you surely will not go wrong with pleats. The good news is they are bigger this year.
  3. Trench coats- You might have seen this coat become popular every few years; however, 2020 is different as this coat is getting a modern makeover with its revival. They are not in the classic burgundy color anymore as this year, you will find them in an assortment of colors.

Barbara Victoria Montalvo says mini dresses are in for 2020, and if you are not comfortable in exposing your legs, embrace the high boot look or pair the skirt up with a pair of good tights. You can team this skirt with a puffed sleeved top as puffs have become bigger and bolder this year. Choose the size you are comfortable in to step out in style with confidence!


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