Decluttering for a Move

Decluttering for a Move

Among the best ways to ascertain stress-free moves is to declutter your house. Decluttering is a perfect way to honor all the memories you made in the old house before starting a new chapter.

Even when you don’t think that your house is cluttered, chances are, you will have a handful of stuff lying around, which you cannot do without.

Definitely, there is no shame in knowing that your house has become unique for expired, broken, or surplus things. This often happens almost to everyone.

Preparing for the move is the most convenient time to do away with all the excess things. As you wait for your preferred moving company to send a truck over, be sure to get rid of excess items with the help of the following tips:

  1. Look at the Expiration Dates

Chances are, your kitchen or bathroom has several things which are past their prime. Before packing anything, check for the expiration date and think of where you bought those items.

Spices may last for many years but lose their potency after five months or so. If you have had a spice jar for some time now, consider opening and smelling the contents.

In your bathroom, most makeup products, like concealer and mascara, are likely to expire after one year. Although they may not harm you, this can be a great time to toss all the products you haven’t applied for years.

  1. Sort Things

It won’t matter where you begin. Pick a category of things, room, or drawer and get started. For every item you choose not to keep, you might want to sort them into piles.

Be creative with what and how you donate. Places such as non-profit organizations, animal shelters, community centers, schools, and libraries may have better use for the things you don’t need.

Check out different sites, such as Zealous Good, that enable you to list items for donation, which local organizations may request.

Alternatively, you may make a few calls and determine if a certain organization is interested in the things you have.

  1. Spend More Time to Recharge

Packing and decluttering is physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. Don’t spend more than three hours working on this.

Instead, reward yourself when you pack a particular room or get a group of boxes packed. You can do this by chatting with your friends, having a cup of coffee or tea, and sitting down to read your favorite book.

  1. Have a Labeling System

Labeling systems can be your best shot when unpacking or on the day of your move. Whether you called upon your family and friends or hired a professional mover, a labeling system is the easiest way for your move to run smoothly.

The first step is quite simple. This may involve labeling the boxes depending on the rooms they are going to. Afterward, assign every room in the house different colors.

Concluding Remarks!

Decluttering your home before the day of your home is a perfect idea. Basically, this will not just save you money, time, and energy. It will also give you a chance to have a fresh beginning in the new house.


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