Boost Your Investment Banking Career With IBCA Certification

Boost Your Investment Banking Career With IBCA Certification

High salaries and luxuriant perk make investment banking a popular career choice among finance professionals. For seasoned corporate finance professionals, investment banking is the next inevitable choice. Transitioning to investment banking, however, isn’t an easy feat. Competitive peers and stringent hiring practices in the industry, make the transition extremely challenging.

Enter IBCA certifications!

IBCA (Investment Banking Council of America) is a global certification body in investment banking. It offers globally-recognized investment banking certifications for banking and finance professionals. CIBP (Chartered Investment Banking Professional) certification offered by IBCA prepares aspiring investment bankers to take the leap and move further in their careers. Whether you have just graduated or are a seasoned finance professional looking to switch to investment banking, IBCA certification will add the necessary edge to your role to make the transition easier.

Become a proficient and competent investment banking professional

IBCA certification gives you all-round skills meant to navigate any investment banking role, be it Analyst, Associate, or Vice-president. At all levels, in any area of investment banking – advisory, underwriting, M&A, sales, trading, and financial analysis, you can expect to stand highly competent and proficient. Post-certification, not just investment banking, you will be equally prepared to take on roles in —

  1. Private equity
  2. Hedge Fund
  3. Asset Management
  4. Corporate strategy and finance
  5. Private wealth management

Building strong foundations for a career in investment banking

The investment banking certification from IBCA hones your skills and brings it at par with what the world’s leading investment banks demand from their bankers. The certification tests candidates’ competency in four major areas of investment banking, required to excel as an investment banker.

The certification process is built on IBCA’s proprietary IBANXTM   knowledge framework which takes global investment banking landscape into consideration and test candidates ‘comprehension of knowledge required in an investment banker’s everyday job.

As part of the certification process, you will work on assignments to study, design, and execute designs related to raising finances for client companies from debt and equity markets, acquiring or merging companies for clients, develop creative financing options for clients using derivatives, and multiply the wealth of high net worth individuals.

Majorly, you will excel in:

  1. Valuation and comparable company analysis
  2. Precedent Transactions Analysis
  3. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
  4. Leveraged Buyouts –Mechanism & Market
  5. LBO Analysis of decision making
  6. Sell-side mergers & acquisitions
  7. Buy-side mergers and acquisitions

The culminating exam is based on the IBANXTM   knowledge framework, comprising of 60 areas split across 4 major sections which IBCA considers as essential for investment banking professionals.

Preparing for IBCA certification

You can take the certification while still in college and set yourself apart from peers and fast-forward your entry into investment banking, or if you are already a banking professional you can accelerate your growth in the investment banking industry and move up the ranks at your bank.

You need at least a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, accounting or related discipline followed by minimum three years of professional experience in investment banking or finance- related area to qualify for the IBCA certification. Upon successful completion of the test administered by IBCA, you will receive your CIBP credential, which is globally-recognized and holds superior value in the industry, setting yourself apart from your peer bankers.

Still waiting for an opportunity to make the big leap into investment banking? IBCA certification is right at your door step!


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