Arnon Dror video Sheds Light on the Objectives of Financial Planning

Arnon Dror video Sheds Light on the Objectives of Financial Planning

Financial Planning is essentially referred to the process of estimating the capital needed by a company, as well as determining its relevant competition.   It ideally is known to be the process of framing diverse financial policies in relation to administration, investment, as well as procurement of funds at any organization. Arnon Dror video focuses on how financial planning is used to determine how a business enterprise will be able achieve its distinct strategic objectives and goals. Typically a financial plan of an organization is formulated subsequent to the setup of its vision and mission. Arnon Dror is a prominent industry professional who has had years of experience in the domain of finance.

Arnon Dror is essentially a leading results-driven international executive who has had more than two decades of experience in the sphere of effective operations management. In his years in the corporate industry, he was responsible for leading diverse global business teams.He additionally is extremely popular for having an unparalleled record in restructuring, integrating, and managing diverse types of corporate enterprises to surpass their distinct revenue and performance targets.  According to Arnon Dror international, a corporate financial plan basically describes the diverse types of materials, equipment, activities and resources that are required by an organization to meet their set financial objectives within the relevant timeframe.  Financial planning for business organizations typically comprises of a number of key tasks. Some of them being:

  • Assessing the relevant business environment
  • Confirming the vision and objectives of the business organization
  • Identifying the types of resources that are required so as to achieve these set objectives
  • Quantifying the amount of resource needed. these resources typically comprise of labor, equipment, as well as materials
  • Calculating the overall expenses of each of the type of resource
  • Summarizing the expenses so as to create a budget
  • Identifying any type of concerns, risks and issues with the budget created

Arnon Dror video largely discusses the various key objectives that are involved in corporate financial planning. Those objectives typically are:

  • Determining capital requirements: This essentially would depend on multiple factors, such as the expenses of various current and fixed assets, long range planning, as well as promotional expenses. The capital requirements of a business would have to be evaluated taking into considering both of its short- term and long- term needs.
  • Determining capital structure: The capital structure involved in the composition of capital should be orderly identified. This would ideally be comprised of both the relative and proportional capital involved in a business.  In order to determine the capital structure of a business it is important to take into account the decisions of debt -equity ratio in relation to both long and short term.
  • Framing financial policies: the financial policies of the organization would be required to be formulated, taking into account the factors of borrowings, cash control, lending and so on.

In Arnon Dror video various important aspects ofcorporate financial planning have been mentioned.


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