A DIY Guide to Streaming Basketball Games Online

A DIY Guide to Streaming Basketball Games Online

Sports teams across the world are struggling to adjust to the new reality of COVID-19. Coaches are still pushing for the season to start on time.

Kids that have gotten used to playing sports in front of large crowds are now playing in front of empty gyms and stadiums.

It’s not fun to play that way. It’s also not fun for the parents, students, and alumni who regularly attend these games.

You can bring the action to the fans, even if crowds aren’t allowed. Read on to learn how streaming basketball games online and take the game to everyone around the country.

1. Create a Plan

Anything that’s school-related will have to go through a process. You’ll need to create a plan so you can sell the idea to your school’s leaders and the board of education.

You should plan out where to place cameras for optimal viewing. You’ll need to plan the necessary equipment to broadcast games.

The plan should outline the costs involved to live stream the basketball games. Add up the costs of the streaming platform, cameras, and studio equipment.

If your school has a television production program, you can get students involved in the broadcasts, too.

2. Get Budget Approval

Once you have your budget in place, you’ll need to get it approved. This is going to be a difficult step because budgets are tightening in school districts across the country.

When you pitch the idea, focus on the benefits of live streaming basketball games bring to the school district. It can boost the morale of players knowing that people across the country (including college scouts) are watching.

It can also bring the community together during a very challenging time.

3. Install Equipment

The next step is to install the equipment in the gym. You’re going to need to enlist the services of a professional crew to ensure that it’s done right.

You should run a few tests before the first broadcast to make sure the equipment is working properly.

4. Promote the Live Streams

People have to know that they can stream basketball games online. You can promote the games through the school’s website and social media accounts. Players can also talk up the broadcasts on their own social media accounts.

You can promote the live streams in the local newspapers and run small ads online.

5. Engage the Fans

There are ways you can engage the fans during the live stream broadcasts. This encourages them to watch the entire game and connect with others in the community.

For example, you can have a giveaway for small prizes. The winners are people who posted about the game on social media using specific hashtags.

Streaming Basketball Games Made Simple

It’s a crazy time right now and people are turning to sports for a distraction. You can help give people something to look forward to by streaming basketball games.

You do have to have a strong plan to stream the games and promote the games. When you see your local community engaged, the effort is well worth it.

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