5 Questions You Should Ask Your Home Fuel Oil Delivery Service

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Home Fuel Oil Delivery Service

Bracing up for the chilly winter months with adequate fuel to keep your interiors warm? The professionalism and legacy of your fuel oil supplier go a long way in defining your peace of mind!

A budget-friendly and timely supply of propane or any other fuel you have been using would simplify your task. In case you are hunting for the right fuel supplier, here is something you will find beneficial.

Have a look at the most important questions you should put forward before finalizing your decision. This should clear out all your confusion about which fuel delivery company you should go with.

Things to ask your fuel delivery company

  1. What discount do you provide to your new customers?

While you might be counting in the actual fuel cost and delivery charges, you might have missed out the initial deposit new customers need to make to a fuel delivery firm. It would be a logical decision to opt for a service provider offering a discount to new customers. Therefore, inquire the company about these benefits when you get their services. 

Apart from this, you might also ask whether the company has any specific day for fuel delivery within the week. Certain suppliers schedule refueling on a particular day in a specific region. Prioritizing your convenience, you need to make your decision.

  1. Do you provide automatic delivery services?

If you happen to be a regular consumer of home fuel oil, it would be a good decision to opt for automatic delivery services. This ensures that your propane tank would remain full throughout the cold months. After all, it makes sense to arrange for automatic delivery, so that you never run out of fuel.

Ask the fuel delivery company whether they have the provision of providing automatic delivery in your location. Established suppliers estimate the average use of fuel on weekly basis and schedule a delivery based on consumption. This way, you can keep the interiors heated throughout the winter months without bothering yourself about the supply of fuels.

  1. Can I seek 24/7 service?

During the winter months, heating fuel happens to one of the essential services for your household. In case you have opted out of automatic delivery services, you might need fuel at a short notice. Ask the supplier whether they have the mechanism to deliver fuel at odd hours. In case you need propane refueling service, the company should do the needful immediately.

In case the supplier does not provide the service 24/7, you should at least have an emergency number to reach out to them in times of need.

  1. What other services do you provide?

Some of the reputed fuel oil suppliers offer allied services. You might need a propane tank on rental agreement. Also, it would be convenient to get your cooling or heating systems serviced by the same company. After all, your HVAC system and furnace call for regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Ask the fuel supplier whether they service the heating or cooling systems. If they do, it would be a good decision to partner with the company 

After all, nothing beats your mental peace, knowing that experienced hands would be working on these crucial systems.

  1. What about your cancellation fees?

At times, homeowners need to cancel the scheduled delivery orders due to a variety of reasons. Again, you might be interested in switching over to another supplier after a year or so. Under these situations, most companies would charge a reasonable cancellation fee. It would be a wise move to know this charge beforehand. In case you are not happy with their services and decide to switch to a different provider, the cancellation charges should not burn a hole in your pocket.

Now you are better poised to select the right fuel delivery company for home heating. Reach out to a reputed and responsible company for a consistent supply throughout the year.


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