2 Practical Ways To Go Green in the World of Business

2 Practical Ways To Go Green in the World of Business

Do you want to play your part in the war against global warming? Are you determined to lower your annual workplace energy costs? If so, you should make an effort to transform your business into an eco-friendly organization.

Don’t worry; this doesn’t necessarily need to be an arduous task to undertake. It will require dedication and patience; there’s no denying that, but there’s no reason why you can’t significantly reduce your company’s carbon footprint within the next 6-12 month period.

To find two practical ways you can go green in the world of business, be sure to read on.

Optimize your water usage

The amount of water you consume within your workplace will profoundly impact your company’s carbon footprint. Should you continue to waste a copious amount of water on a daily basis, you will divert more and more water from the world’s rivers, bays, and estuaries. This will have an adverse effect on the planet’s marine wildlife, which in turn could end up having a devastating impact on our carbon cycle.

If you’re serious about optimizing your organization’s water usage, you must devote time, effort, and money to the all-important task of conserving your water. To achieve this crucial feat in an environmentally friendly fashion, it’s imperative that you treat your wastewater using an energy-efficient oil water separator. With this specialist solution at hand, you will have the capacity to extract different oils (mineral oils, vegetable oils, animal oils, hydrocarbons, etc.) from the water that you consume and conserve. Not only will this cut down on the volume of water you are forced to waste, but it will also stop you from releasing dangerous toxins into the world’s oceans.

Encourage your employees to cycle to work

In the U.S., the average car releases 650g of CO2/km on a daily basis. How many people do you employ, how many of these staff members drive to and from work each day, and how far do they travel? Don’t be surprised if, after crunching these numbers, you unearth the devastating fact that your business is inadvertently releasing over 10,000g of CO2/km day in, day out. If you allow this to continue for too long, you could end up causing irreversible damage to the earth’s environment. It is for this reason why you must make an effort to tackle this problem. You can perform this all-important task by simply encouraging your employees to cycle to work.

As well as reducing the amount of pollution that your business indirectly causes, encouraging your employees to cycle to work will also positively affect your workplace efficiency levels. Cycling is proven to produce a myriad of productivity-boosting benefits, two of which include enhanced cognitive function and improved sleep. So, if you want to simultaneously lower your carbon footprint and increase your staff productivity, you should consider initiating a cycle-to-work program right away.

To ensure the sustained success of such a program, you must:

1. Be a good role model by cycling to work yourself

2. Provide showering facilities and allow your employees to make use of them before their shifts begin

3. Help your staff members to plan out time-effective and safe cycling routes

4. Make cycling refresher courses available for your employees (some of them might not have cycled in their adult lives)

5. Set up a company-wide bike purchasing initiative


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