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What To Wear When Ziplining


What To Wear  When Ziplining

Zip lining  is an adventurous mountain sport that involves hooking on a zipline  move from tone tree to one set from a platform and even soar high in the air like a bird.You push off from the platform then to  one  tree and zip along the cable then move from one tree to another. The rules for this sport are wearing appropriate clothing ans equipment to use to prevent  the lose of life during the sport.

Below are steps to What To Wear  When Ziplining

Step1.You will need a  helmet to wear on your head, zipping gloves to hold on the zip line,long pants for both women or men.Shorts aren’t much advised to wear because you’re moving in a wild environment. any thing can hurt your skin if its just exposed bare like that.You will need  hiking boots, jackets to prepare for any humid weather when your already in the air ,zipping equipment  in good condition, a waist bag to hold your camera and other variable necessities.A sleeping bag will be necessary if you to spend their a night.

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Step2.For men you can also wear , a helmet with a long sleeved cardigan or jacket with khaki shorts that have many pockets for keeping essential items, it has to  reach knees  then add zipping gloves and socks to wear with hiking boots  then finish with wearing zipping safety gadgets to hold you firmly while in the air.

Step3.According to the prevailing weather or warm, women can wear shorts, with sleeveless tee to keep off heat then wear gloves to hold the zip line , add helmet and shoes to keep feet from rough and hard surfaces that might hurt the skin.

Step4.You will nee to be in good health while zip lining,If you’re zip lining for the first time  you will need guidance from those already experienced . You will need the techniques  and taken through the rule of the game . You might not sport immediately but  watching them sport will give you courage ans enthusiasm  to sport when your fully knowledgeable.

Note:For men, its OK to war a medium sleeved tee shirt with a helmet to wear with jean shorts that reach knees  then add socks and zipping boots or hiking boots to finish with wearing safety gears for protection in the skies.Never sport on empty stomach  its risky.

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What To Wear When Ziplining











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