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what to wear with zip up sweater


What Can You Wear With zip up sweater

Sweaters go well on jeans trousers, skirts, pants for women among others if the right fitting size is chosen. Women wear short sweaters or knitted sweaters which reveal most of the inner wear to show off their designs. sweaters also keep the body warm in cold conditions.

Step 1: You can wear a v-neck fitting t-shirt under the zip up sweater, if the zip up sweater is black , red , blue, then a white v-neck t-shirt will look nice. Wear a denim jean and pair it up with hi top converse shoes.

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Step 2. You can  wear a tighter pull-neck top  and put a zip up sweater on top and the same colored yoga pants. Team it up with flay shoes and accessories. You can wear plastics or beads because yoga pants are sporty in nature, it would look funny if you team a lot of gold in your neck and wear yoga pants though other people really care less when it comes to accessories.

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Step 3. For men, you can wear a white jean with a woolen zip up sweater. This style is quite elegant. Simply wear a v-neck navy woolen sweater with a zip on front and your straight fit white jeans then wear brown moccasin shoes. You can wear a brown belt to match with the brown moccasins.

Step 4: Also a pair of boy friend jeans and a pair of Birkenstock, or a pair of skinny jeans with uggs will match well with zip up sweater, You can as well try a plain black or white top with skinny jeans and flats or plimsolls.


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