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what not to wear with zebra leggings


What Not To Wear With Zebra leggings

Zebra leggings come with two color patterns and thy don’t match with everything, they have specific outfits where they will look so nice. Zebra legging can go well on most of the outfits. You can wear dress tops, long tops. shorts, skirts and others with the zebra leggings as long as they mach well with the colors. With zebra leggings you can accessorize well and additional wear like blazers, scarfs come handy.

Steps on what not to wear with Zebra leggings.

Step 1. Zebra leggings don’t go on zebra shoes. It becomes too much. On zebra leggings you can wear black heels or knee boots for great looks You can wear Ugg boots and zebra leggings with a Tweed Trench Coat. This is my best way of wearing zebra leggings with Ugg boots. Color matching is very essential to look smart, so in this case we shall use the example below. The lady on the left, wore a tweed trench coat which had both black and white colors, then she wore zebra leggings and black ugg boots. In this case she only played with tow colors, that is black and white.

image source

Step 2. Avoid Zebra leggings with with zebra top. If its a zebra legging then pair it with other plain colors to kill the monotony. You can also wear Zebra leggings with a denim short skirt. Simply wear black leggings under a denim short skirt then wear a black sweatshirt. Then wear your ankle boots. To add value to your outfit, you can go ahead an wear a belt over your hips , but the belt should match with the color of the ankle boots.

image source

Step 3. Do not wear Zebra leggings with brown thigh high boots, they look funny. The colors don’t match at all. You can as well wear zebra leggings with a short dress. To look fabulous you will need to wear a short dress which is 1 – 2 inches above the knee. Wear a belt over the dress, tie the belt around the hips, then wear a cardigan over the dress, but the color the cardigan has to match with the color of the dress.Then wear knee boots which have the same color as the belt.

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