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what to wear with yellow skirt


What Can You Wear  With yellow skirt

Yellow skirts have an exotic color and look stylish when fitted on a woman’s body. To look good with yellow skirts, you have to wear a slim fit yellow skirt, and it has to be 1 inch below the knee. Yellow Pencil skirts can be worn on parties, on dates and you can also wear a yellow skirt to work. Learn What To Wear With A yellow Skirts below.

Step 1: You can wear a yellow pencil skirt with a gray sleeved top. But both the top and skirt must be slim fit, in such a way that they show off your body structure. This is a formal way of wearing a yellow pencil skirt, it creates a mermaid shape so you can easily separate you waistline from the buts. Wear black heels with such an outfit and button your shirt to long elegant as the lady below.

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Step 2: You as well wear a yellow pencil skirt with a purple or blue top.This sleeveless navy blue top matched with the yellow pencil skirt, but i do not advice you to wear the purple tights with a navy blue top, that is a color crash. To add value, you can wear a square scarf which has both yellow and navy bluet then accessorize with bangles with navy blue and yellow, for shoes, you can wear black heels, since black goes with any thing.

Step 3.You can wear a yellow leather skirt with a blue blazer with a vest top and brown knee boots, you can wear a square scarf with red and brown with a big belt that matches the hand bag  and the boot shoes.You can wear gloves on a cold day and a beret in your hair to keep you worm.

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Step 4. You can as well wear a yellow top with a navy blue top and accessorize with yellow necklace, wear a scarf with yellow and navy blue, and navy blue heels.

Lemon Lime Short Ruffled Bottom Mini Skirt

The skirt is made from soft & stretchy material to ensure a comfortable & proper fit. There is a hidden zipper in the back.

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